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Made by: Creative variations
Style: Digital Art
Width: 768Height: 768
Seed: 1146857955

Original image

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Prompt: Cute, very, very, light gray, fluffy, fantasy light puppy, with cloudy, white eyes, very, light, light, gray fur, and possessing the element of air and making circles of clouds and air move around in the air in a magical way, in a space background. Perfect features, extremely detailed, realistic. Krenz Cushart + loish +gaston bussiere +craig mullins, j. c. leyendecker +Artgerm.
Prompt: cat anime cute wonky large
Prompt: (masterpiece, professional oil painting, epic digital art, best quality:1.5), insanely beautiful tiny ((fox kit)), (canine quadruped), ice elemental, silky silver-blue fur covered in frost, timid, alert crystal blue eyes, gorgeous 8k eyes, fluffy silver neck ruff covered in frost, two tails, (plump), enchanted, magical, finely detailed fur, hyper detailed fur, (soft silky insanely detailed fur), moonlight beaming through clouds, lying in frosted meadow, grassy field covered in frost, cool colors, professional, symmetric, golden ratio, unreal engine, depth, volumetric lighting, rich oil medium, (brilliant auroras), (ice storm), full body focus, beautifully detailed background, cinematic, 64K, UHD, intricate detail, high quality, high detail, masterpiece, intricate facial detail, high quality, detailed face, intricate quality, intricate eye detail, highly detailed, high resolution scan, intricate detailed, highly detailed face, very detailed, high resolution
Prompt: Pixar-style illustration of a charming cat, vibrant and colorful fur, expressive eyes with sparkles, lively and mischievous pose, playful and animated facial expression, high-quality render, digital art, vibrant color palette, dynamic and whimsical, detailed fur with realistic texture, professional lighting, charming character design, fun and whimsical, Pixar style, vibrant fur, expressive eyes, mischievous pose, high-quality, digital art, dynamic, whimsical
Prompt: Blue and pink chibi animal with iridescent cat-eyes, soft textured fur, color electron microscopy complexity, acrylic marbling art background, macro photography precision, ArtStation's trending aesthetics, Greg Rutkowski's intricate detailing, sharp focus, studio setting, volumetric lighting, cinematic masterpiece reminiscent of Jean Baptiste Monge and Tim Walker, enhanced with Miki Asai's macro expertise.
Prompt: gray kitten with whit stripes orange cape with and its walking and glowing blue eyes body floating animie
Prompt: white kitten with gray stripes orange cape with glowing blue eyes body floating animie
Prompt: white kitten with gray stripes orange cape with glowing blue eyes body floating cartoon
Prompt: (blue Sylveon), realistic, photograph, fantasy, epic oil painting, (hyper real), furry, (hyper detailed), extremely beautiful, (on back), playful, UHD, studio lighting, best quality, professional, ray tracing, 8k eyes, 8k, highly detailed, highly detailed fur, hyper realistic thick fur, canine quadruped, (high quality fur), fluffy, fuzzy, full body shot, hyper detailed eyes, perfect composition, hyper realistic depth, ray tracing, vector art, masterpiece, trending, instagram, artstation, deviantart, best art, best photograph, unreal engine, high octane, cute, adorable smile, lying on back, flipped on back, lazy, peaceful, (highly detailed background), vivid, vibrant, intricate facial detail, incredibly sharp detailed eyes, incredibly realistic scarlet fur, concept art, anne stokes, yuino chiri, character reveal, extremely detailed fur, sapphire sky, complementary colors, golden ratio, rich shading, vivid colors, high saturation colors, nintendo, pokemon, silver light beams