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Aliens fighting monkeys in a global war
Aliens fighting monkeys in a global war [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1184135834
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Prompt: world war 3 whit aliens and whit nukes
Prompt: alien invasion
Prompt: alien invasion
Prompt: insane, cute anime boy, brown hair, smiling, trippy background, demon behind, zoomed out, fangs, aesthetic mask, scars, no horns, hands on face
Prompt: Dark, soldier with gas mask, giant alien bug enemies, hyper realistic, world war I style
Prompt: apeirophobia, fear of the infinite
Prompt: alien V predator, retro, cinema poster
Prompt: Albino Monkeys in outer space wearing dinosaur skin, And landing on the sun on a space craft.
Prompt: alien
Prompt: aliens photo
Prompt: alien V predator
Prompt: huge space men war with aliens battle fire death explosions ice planet action extreme violence  hero evil
Prompt: Aliens exist
Prompt: alien invasion destroying an enemy alien race, running away, lasers, lots of fire, smoke, and dust, outer space, dark red and yellow
Prompt: alien
Prompt: aliens versus steampunk frogs world war 1
Prompt: Armies of humans & sasquatch battling alien invaders on an open plain.
Prompt: alien invasion, violence, painting, detailed
Prompt: Angry grey alien looking at massive spaceship in space
Prompt: Highly realistic of monkey, male, clickers, scary eyes, creepy, scary, dead people, night time, foggy, moonlight,64k, UHD, infected with fungus, perfect composition, highly detailed,ultra-fine detailed, face detailed, silent, dark fantasy, Sharp focus, full body, abandoned city.
Prompt: aliens attack humans
Prompt: alien invasion
Prompt: A grand orchestra of alien musicians playing extraordinary instruments from distant galaxies
Prompt: alien, leather skin, long claws,  nightmarish, demonic eyes, mountainous foreign landscape
Prompt: aliens with beatufil fingers