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spirit of mapacho ayahauska art
spirit of mapacho ayahauska art [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 512Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1239132171
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Prompt: grandmother ayahuasca
Prompt:  uv reactive art deco wall art Navajo medicine man talks to spirit ancestors at night around camp fire  drum circle peyote trip acid pop posters
Prompt: native red Indian portrait
Prompt: Native American woman
Prompt: Fredy Mercury  in surrealism and mayan arts  style
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Prompt: indian dream weaver, dark, fantastic art
Prompt: Cajun Indian queen hyper detailed Indian head wear
Prompt: An oil painting of the goddess of the universe In traditional Native American cloths
Prompt: Attractive Australian aboriginal medicine man, tribal, fantasy art style, vibrant, ultrarealistic, surreal, expressive light
Prompt: cool Red Indian art
Prompt: human, head of old american indian transformation to the raven, the raven wings is growing from the cheekbones, raven legs is growing from the chin.
human head is experiencing mutation to the big black raven, human body desapeared.
white smoke around, surrealism, abstraction, realism, grey coloured photo
Prompt: spirit of mapacho ayahauska art
Prompt: cool Red Indian art
Prompt: Galaxy outline in Native American woman face
Prompt: grey colour detailed photorealistic portrait of America native man, he is shaman, undergoes transformation to the raven. The raven wings grows from shaman’s head, raven feathers grows from the skin.
Prompt: portret of a Shaman by Romain Trystram
Prompt: Strong African warrior king in Wakanda clothing, confident and dignified, royal, piercing eyes, art station, detailed, digital art
Prompt: Psychedelic Physique Portrait of a Shaman Guy wearing an marijuana  costume plant disguised as a human standing atop a red clay pot greg rutkowski jen bartel peter mohrbacher anna podedworna arthur rackham salvador dali octavio ocampo jacek yerka winslow homer norman rockwell uta natsume prismacolor tombow quill