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land,houses [more]
Made by: Sketch to image
Subject Description: land,houses
Style: Anime
Width: 768Height: 432
Seed: 1724778698

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Prompt: a field with grass and trees under a cloudy sky, a matte painting by Chris Friel, deviantart, tonalism, ominous vibe, ominous, dark and mysterious
Prompt: Make me a landscape for a adventure game it should have a aspect of realism but still look like a fairytale
Prompt:  A MODERN MINIMALIST CISTERCIAN MONASTERY DESIGNED BY JOHN PAWSON IN A SCOTTISH FOREST, gestural oil painting style, backlit, cinematographic morning light, artstation hq,
Prompt: floating  separated platform,organic city
Prompt: A dramatic oil painting of a stormy scene in the United Kingdom, large  homes being swept up by powerful winds, white people caught in the midst of the storm,  ominous dark clouds and lightning, high contrast and intense shadows, realistic, oil painting, dramatic storm, United Kingdom,  intense lighting, realistic portrayal, dark clouds, white people caught in the storm, dramatic composition
Prompt: Beaty of contrast, dreamy field of  energy, life, wind, water  tree, grass, wildlife, exotic animal and plants