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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 576Height: 1024
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Prompt: a space soldier on planet Mars
Prompt: Sad old man living alone on the moon
Prompt: an astronaut walking in mars in cyberpunk style, encaustic
Prompt: Astronaut on a mysterious and ambient planet floating
Prompt: A geologist on pluto
Prompt: Landscape,Astronaut standing in a hill,looking to a far away plain
Prompt: astronaut walking in a desert,  sand dunes, crashed spaceship, void in the sky, broken space suite
Prompt: A astronaut duck in the Mars, purple sky, reality style, 4k
Prompt: Retro futurism, unimaginable space horror, distant primal world, two astronauts, one robot-helper, big amount of space horrors
Prompt: an astronaut living on mars
Prompt: Michael jackson doing the moonwalk with neil armstrong in the moon, low quality photo, found footage, black and white
Prompt: Astronaut in space 
sitting on a small astroid in front of earth
Prompt: The New Adventures of Gigantor in the space, Mars,  vintage, miniature. (high detailed skin:1.2), 8k uhd, dslr, soft lighting, ideal human, high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3, hyper realistic
Prompt: astronaut, vaporwave, aesthetic, 16:9 aspect ratio
Prompt: analog style photograph close up, beautiful,future astronauts ,visiting a city in an alien planet science fiction hyperrealistic space 8k 18+ shot of the day beautiful epic high resolution
Prompt: spaceman landing a complex flying spaceship onto the deserts of Mars clouds of dust crowds of people, distance shot, sunrise, photoreal
Prompt: astronaut in an alien planet on an exoplanet planet, an alien planet full of life and animals and species and plants and trees and flowers, landscape , floating rocks, high detail photorealistic wide view cinematic lighting 8k ultra hd
Prompt: astronaut on mars
Prompt: An astronaut in the desert walking,with a post-apocalyptic city in backround
Prompt: A spaceman trying to fix shit while reality breaks and morphs and ceases to be all around and down and up
Prompt: robot the size of a planet walking on the moon
Prompt: (((beautiful puppy astronaut))) excitedly exploring a beautiful alien landscape with surreal planetry sky, cute happy puppy wearing astronaut suit ((((((with visor down and face visible)))))), deep colors, hyperdetailed cinematic masterpiece by greg rutkowski, trending on artstation, centered, in frame, (((perfect composition))), detailed textures
Prompt: a man in a space suit standing in the desert, mars one mission, cgsociety ), american soldiers invaded mars, by Gilles Beloeil, mars ravelo and greg rutkowski, by Scott Listfield, selfie of elon musk on mars, stunning sci-fi concept art, mars mission, colony on mars, trending on concept art, mars vacation photo, sparth style
Prompt: Cool astronaut looking in mysterious planet horizon
Prompt: Astronaut walking on the surface of an outerworld
Prompt: photot futuristic rapper in space with music