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mochila negra inteligente con 1 pantalla led para proyectar emojis.
mochila negra inteligente con 1 pantalla led pa... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 443118466
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Prompt: backpack business logo, 3d blender render, highly detailed, beautiful, colorful
Prompt: A portable air-conditioner, with solar charging function, touch screen interface with battery display and easy-to-carry design.
Prompt: backpack model
Prompt: led nike shoes
Prompt: Gaming mouse ai
Prompt: a medium size dark blue T-shirt, with a tiny {white} shiny drawn night crescent moon, centered in the upper middle, a few shining stars flowing from that crescent moon, typing on the T-shirt {Ramadan}, high details, UHD, the T-shirt only hanged on the wall
Prompt: backpack business logo, 3d blender render, highly detailed, beautiful, colorful
Prompt: Front man with a hoodie and a cap hiding those eyes, carrying a explosives, nightfall, oil, HQ, 4k
Prompt: Gaming mouse ai
Prompt: backpacking gear laid on a white background, photorealistic, highly detailed, purple blue gold and teal gem colors, boots, trekking poles, backpack, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, stakes, stove, pot, tent, beer, nalgene bottle
Prompt: gamer wear earphone rgb in the gaming room
Prompt: Dragon Boat Paddle,  Life vest, life ring, bottle water, Tumbler, Dragon Boat, Camera, Cellphone, Bag, Wallet, Shoes, slippers, Money, Coins, Paddle bag, Gloves, Head gear or caps, T-shirt, Jersey, Pants, Walking Shorts
Prompt: the perfect pc build
Prompt: meth blue anime armour laser sword
Prompt: A omnitrix watch that’s purple
Prompt: Gaming chair with RGB light and laserdiodes with two speed stripes in the middle and an aerodynamic design that looks like it would fit in a ferrari
Prompt: Computer hightech with gamermode
Prompt: future phone cool 8k led
Prompt: Dark-haired cyberpunk mercenary man in techwear clothes wearing a futuristic facemask
Prompt: a mouse pad with a power bank that is attached to the mouse pad with wires and a phone charging using the power bank
Prompt: Man with midget falling out of backpack
Prompt: Capture the essence of navigating the vast world of video and audio content with your camera. Visualize the challenges of discoverability, audience targeting, and impact measurement through a thought-provoking image. In the golden hour of the day, show two digital computers one: making sure that computer is displaying a playing video in it and other displaying a playing audio content in it  with a wide-angle lens to make expansive landscape . Embrace a documentary-style of photography to portray the realism of the situation. Opt for a digital film format to enhance the clarity and details in your visual. Aim for a high level of realism, reflecting the maze-like nature of the digital content world. Compose your shot using the 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing for a wide perspective. Engage manual shooting mode to have full control over the exposure, focusing on ISO 200, f/8 aperture, and a shutter speed of 1/60. Once you've captured the image, apply post-processing techniques such as color grading, noise reduction, and sharpening to enhance the visual impact. Let your photograph convey the challenges and opportunities in navigating the world of video and audio content, leading the viewer on a visual journey through the maze towards success.
Prompt: ultra detailed artistic photography, girl wear earphone rgb, in the gaming room, artstation, hd, dramatic lighting, detailed gorgeous face, dreamy, glowing, backlit, glamour, glimmer, shadows, oil on canvas, brush strokes, smooth, ultra high definition, 16k, unreal engine 5, ultra sharp focus, art by alberto seveso, artgerm, loish, sf, intricate artwork masterpiece, ominous, matte painting movie poster, golden ratio, trending on cgsociety, intricate, epic, trending on artstation, by artgerm, h. r. giger and beksinski, highly detailed, vibrant, production cinematic character render, ultra high quality
Prompt: Gjskkqjqj