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grand parliament, neo-noir near future style, painted by greg rutkowski, with baroque features
grand parliament, neo-noir near future style, p... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1591251774
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Prompt: ((In the style of H.R. Giger)), dark, eerie, surreal, atmospheric, haunting, intricate, detailed, shadowy, monochromatic, carefully composed, foreboding, macabre, twisted
A young family stands at the center of a nightmarish landscape, surrounded by an overwhelming horror vacui of intricate and dark elements. The environment is filled with Gigeresque structures, organic and mechanical, intertwined in a surreal and unsettling way. The shadows cast by these structures add to the foreboding atmosphere, while faint glimmers of distant light suggest a dimly lit abyss. The family appears both fascinated and terrified, their expressions mirroring the disturbing beauty of their surroundings.
Prompt: Future of historians, futuristic, 16:9
Prompt: a painting of an ancient underground dungeon temple, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital matte painting, artstation, concept art, by greg manchess, greg rutkowski, krenz cushart, artem demura, alphonse mucha
Prompt: a highly detailed, high quality professional matte painting combining elements of Star Trek and Gladiator, IMAX 70mm film, Zeiss ZM T* Biogon 21/2.8 lens,
a futuristic city, gleaming, futuristic Roman architecture, splendid, opulent, Highly detailed futuristic depictions of Roman iconography, marble and gold materials, intricate marble carvings, futuristic Roman architecture, gold accents, ultra-detailed, professional, futuristic, Roman iconography, marble, gold, intricate details, luxurious,  iconic Star Trek characters, detailed Roman-inspired Starfleet armor, ornate, intricate design, detailed Starfleet communicator badges, realistic rank insignia, Starfleet-inspired Roman toga, ancient Roman hairstyle, relaxed posture, natural posture, dramatic lighting and shadows,  sci-fi, detailed faces, detailed hair, highly detailed eyes, detailed iris texture, detailed pupils, detailed eyelashes, detailed eyebrows, detailed arms, relaxed arms, detailed hands, relaxed hands, detailed mouths,  vibrant and dynamic, Roman Empire vibe, captivating storytelling, expressive faces, intense expressions, cybernetic enhancements, futuristic technology, detailed futuristic work stations, cinematic quality, dynamic composition, dramatic poses, unique visual narrative, dramatic angles, lens flare, professional lighting, subdued color scheme, chiaroscuro, the golden hour, Spock
Prompt: Welcome to the elegant beutiful golden Surreal Atmosphere of Egyptian mummy coffin, highly detailed, sharp focus, vivid colors, intricate design, dramatic, character design, sharp focus, dramatic lighting, art by Abbott Handerson Thayer and Jeremy Mann
epic scene, biblical, cinematic, universe
Prompt: interior grand parliament, neo-noir near future style, painted by greg rutkowski, with baroque and roman imperial features. painted on oil HD