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Prompt: Create a hyperrealistic 4k, detailed high-quality portrait of a girl smiling while reading a message on her phone.
Prompt: A girl is playing
Prompt: I want to create an image of a cute little girl with round, small eyes, hazel hair, sitting studying at a desk. Her face is looking forward, and behind her is the scene of a room. 1.920 x 1.080
Prompt: A 6 years old Caucasian girl sitting at a desk next to a window in New Jersey at night, writing in her diary, lookin outside through the window while it's pouring rain outside.
Prompt: A beautiful girl with blue eyes and curly black hair. The girl is a young girl who dresses fresh and carries a book and a pen. She is a strong and beautiful writer. Her background is a bookstore.i want her not a child
Prompt: little girl with dark brown hair, brown eyes, bangs and loves books & animals
Prompt: A girl who has a book on her hand
Prompt: Disney style 20 years girl holding a lot's of books in her hands and standing front of the library