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traditionalism + monarchy + Maple Leaf + Crown + coat of arms + sketch + stencil + celtic knot
traditionalism + monarchy + Maple Leaf + Crown... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 255969029
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Prompt: Celtic knot design mixed with maori tattoo desine
Prompt: Long Mu's design is reminiscent of a massive earthworm, but with distinct Chinese cultural influences. Its long, cylindrical body is covered in shimmering scales of deep jade green, symbolizing vitality, prosperity, and harmony. Intricate patterns resembling ancient Chinese calligraphy adorn its scales, representing the creature's connection to wisdom and knowledge.
The creature's head is adorned with ornate, dragon-like features. It has a pair of piercing golden eyes, which exude a sense of wisdom and depth. Long Mu's mouth, lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth, serves as both a means of defense and a tool for consuming its prey.
Along the creature's body, vibrant, swirling patterns in hues of red and gold represent good fortune, strength, and luck. These patterns are reminiscent of traditional Chinese silk tapestries, further emphasizing its connection to Chinese culture.
Long Mu possesses the ability to burrow effortlessly through the earth, leaving behind a trail of fertile soil in its wake. It is believed that wherever Long Mu passes, new life and prosperity follow, making it a revered creature in Chinese folklore.
The creature's behavior is often associated with protection and balance. Long Mu is known to inhabit areas with rich natural resources, acting as a guardian of the land and its inhabitants. It is said to protect sacred sites, ancient treasures, and the harmony of the earth.
Long Mu is also associated with the power of transformation and rebirth. It sheds its skin periodically, symbolizing renewal and growth. This act serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of embracing change.
Encountering Long Mu is considered a rare and auspicious event. It is believed that encountering this majestic creature brings good luck, prosperity, and a deep connection to the natural world. The presence of Long Mu serves as a reminder of the harmonious relationship between humans and nature in Chinese culture.
Prompt: kronos drawn in celtic
Prompt: a black and white coloring page of a wooden sign with intricate scrollwork
Prompt: red oak leaf animated drawing
Prompt: Tattoo vector design. Raven with feathered wings. Alchemy symbols. World turtle. using blue and white and black. Vector art, simple thick lines.  correct perspective.
Prompt: eternal knot or the endless knot symbol surround by japanese art clouds art stencil
Prompt:  black and white colouring page in art Nouveau style with griffin that has golden and purple wings, cinematic, ultra realistic, super detailed, digital art
Prompt: traditionalism + monarchy + Maple Leaf + Crown + coat of arms + sketch + calligraphy
Prompt: ankh of infinity clip art vector graphic monochromatic
Prompt: Dark ritual
Prompt: a jackalope triquetra vector
Prompt: Red and black rising Phoenix
Prompt: Graphic llustration in the style of James O'Barr, deep blacks, rich greys, muted blues, subtle hints of red, Raw and gritty aesthetics, gothic background, Meticulous attention to detail, Gritty linework, Expressive inking, Stark contrasts of light and dark, High contrast shading, an ornate heart-shaped lock with intricate filigree details surrounded by crimson roses
Prompt: a black and white coloring page of a wooden sign with intricate scrollwork
Prompt: Green man
Prompt: Design typical heraldry from medieval Europe for the family jung. Metalic ornate.
Prompt: celtic tree of life in greens
Prompt: Barbie {BAPHOMET} illustration, vector, extremely detailed, goth flowers, moon phase
Prompt: Coat of Arms of vampires