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distant faces from distorted memories
distant faces from distorted memories [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1804846877
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Prompt: distant faces
Prompt: triple exposure of a girl face, red, green and blue
Prompt: horror, darkness, creepy, image, in the style of fluid landscapes, tumblewave, gothcore, dramatic figurative, hauntingly beautiful, swirling vortexes, textured illustrations
Prompt: very detailed oil painting, super empath portrait, Digital illustration, Agnes Cecile, Aokamei, Todd McFarlane, 4k, calligraphy, hieroglyphs smooth lines, gradient fills, beautiful curves, flowing shadows, alternating light and shadow areas, shadows dancing in the rhythm of smoke
Prompt: beautiful faces, angels and demons fighting in space, chaos
Prompt: distant faces from distorted memories
Prompt: female nuclear bodies fragmentation, hair of fiber optics, His Truth-Filled Words Creating A Masterpiece Of Destiny, Each Syllable A Brushstroke Of Fate, Vibrant
Prompt: clements twins, light shattering, raytracing
Prompt: Face in a split reality awaiting her destiny, Hope fades and builds. Blended into a timeline of love and beauty
Prompt: vector in a realm of patterned waters, a lined face materializes from the ripple-touched depths
Prompt: galore of faces melting moving as liquid
Prompt: nebulous, liberty, witchcore portrait of a cute redhead girl with freckles, finely detailed perfect face by Todd McFarlane, aesthetic by Aaron McGruder and Dave McKean, background by Angus McKie and Dan McPharlin, trending on deviantart
Prompt: distant faces from distorted memories
Prompt: We look on from the side at the earth, personified, airy, and ethereal looking into the eyes of humanity. She is afraid, she is burning, the smoke is suffocating her. We see both of their profiles. Her trees burn. Humanity is colorful but terrifying.
Prompt: sentience
Prompt: Create an attractive double exposure photograph, add surrealism, where animals and organic aspects are exposed in between and human faces of women and from their eyes emerge clouds and artifacts such as screens.
Prompt: a conglomeration from human arms, legs, skin, eyes, noses and mouths all randomly melded together
Prompt: a digital screen print painting of sinusoidal patterns possessing intelligence, psychedelic artwork, caustic, visionary, wide perspective, digital airbrushing, detailed facial features, vibrant color gradients, schizowave, ultra detailed
Prompt: Wide photo of a face with geometric fragmentation, appearing like a cracked statue. Earthy colors combine with metallic shades, and there's a hint of smoke and particles surrounding it. The detailed eyes are the most captivating feature amidst the disorderly splits.