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Computer engineers (Asian, American and European) are around a table and productively discussing. Some PC are on the table. The room looks warm. We see tall buildings thorough the window behind the table. as children book illustration.
Computer engineers (Asian, American and Europea... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1206176087
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Prompt: water colour painting of an office workspace with five people wearing different coloured tshirts working on their laptops
Prompt: create an illustration -Have 3 people and indicate transfer of thoughts among these people
Prompt: Remote work
Prompt: business meeting
Prompt: Outside a closed office boardroom door. The table is full of men.
Prompt: Presentation to a group of people, illustration image
Prompt: view from outside a closed boardroom door. A sign on the door says BOARD ROOM. The table is full of men.
Prompt: A beautiful painting where there is a table where 5 business executives sit and discuss on a table with some of them have laptop open with graphs on desktop.
Prompt: create a cartoonish screenshot of a zoom meeting that contains the characters of brooklyn 99

Design an image that showcases the key elements and characters from the skit. The image should be colorful, vibrant, and humorous, reflecting the comedic atmosphere of the office breakroom setting. Consider including the following elements:

Characters: Depict the main characters from the skit, such as Jake, Amy, Terry, Rosa, Captain Holt, Charles, Gina, and Kevin. Each character should be easily recognizable and capturing their unique traits and personalities.

Breakroom Setting: Show a well-equipped breakroom, complete with a coffee machine, snacks, and a table where the team gathers. Add details like posters, a whiteboard with clues, and office-related items to enhance the visual storytelling.

Hilarious Moments: Illustrate some of the comedic moments from the skit. You can depict Jake and Amy triggering traps, Terry getting caught in a net, Charles chasing a donut, and Captain Holt with a guilty expression, caught in the act of sneaking snacks.

Laughter and Camaraderie: Capture the joy and camaraderie among the characters by illustrating them laughing, smiling, and enjoying the lighthearted moment. Use speech bubbles or humorous expressions to convey their amusement.

Color Palette: Utilize a vibrant and energetic color palette to enhance the lively atmosphere of the skit. Consider using bright and bold colors for the characters and the surroundings.
Prompt: A man helping find the right candidates for a company
Prompt: futuristic office  interior enterprise
Prompt: Create a cartoon illustration depicting chatbots being used in an educational setting.
Prompt: An illustration set of African working in tech
Prompt: create a paint with men and women working in a office. There is a window, a plant, high desks, during the day.
Prompt: A man in corporate attire sits engrossed staring at a laptop on a table that has a phone, a light bulb, some dollars and two cardboard boxes kept over it. Behind him is a Kanban board with three columns ToDo, In Progress and Done.
Prompt: Client meeting
Prompt: Hiring Technical Product Manager
Prompt: Show employees working together with AI-powered tools and technologies. For example, a group of people might be collaborating on a project, with an AI assistant facilitating their work by providing real-time insights and suggestions.
Prompt: Two people talking.
Prompt: cartoon image of a group of psychotherapy  chairs in a circle
Prompt: Create an illustration for a slide titled "How We Work" that visually represents the following four key steps in executing a project in an IT consulting and development company:

Requirement Gathering & Analysis: Depict a group of people collaboratively discussing project requirements, with sticky notes, diagrams, or flowcharts on a whiteboard or screen.
Solution Design & Planning: Show a team working on a blueprint or wireframe design on a table or computer screen, with elements such as architectural layers, technology stack icons, and a project timeline.
Agile Development & Quality Assurance: Illustrate a sprint board or Kanban board with tasks in progress, completed, and in testing stages, accompanied by a team conducting code review or testing the application.
Deployment, Support & Maintenance: Depict a server rack, cloud icon, or data center representing the deployment, with a team member providing customer support through a headset or chat, and another team member monitoring system performance.
The illustration should be clean, modern, and professional, using a cohesive color scheme that aligns with the company's branding. The four steps should be visually connected, illustrating the seamless flow from one stage to the next. Brand colors are #636BFF,  #FF5A66, #F8F8F8, #9A9EBC
Prompt: Professional illustration of organizational behavior, modern office setting, diverse group of employees collaborating, vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, high quality, detailed, modern, professional, teamwork, corporate, diverse employees, dynamic, vibrant, organized, modern office setting, bright and energetic lighting
Prompt: Incorporate new business
Prompt: /imagine a comic side profile of a teen
 with headphones doing his homework in front of his computer.
Prompt: Craft an abstract illustration of the future of work, representing concepts like remote work and automation. Use a blend of cool blues and grays with streaks of bright colors to signify digital connections and the human touch.