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Dark cosmic horror cult
Dark cosmic horror cult [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 405766261
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Prompt: The Outer Darkness
Prompt: face of azathoth
Prompt: cosmic horrors
Prompt: The Outer Darkness
Prompt: Cosmic rot in space. cosmic horror
Prompt: Dark cosmic horror cult. I love death dyslectic core
Prompt: dmt realm 2d gameplay
Prompt: satanic religion hyper detailed. cosmic
Prompt: Cosmic religion with dark space rot in the background
Prompt: Dark cosmic horror cult. I love death dyslectic core
Prompt: Psychedelic Aleister Crowley inspired poster depicting an astrotelepathic choir screaming into the warp in the style of brom
Prompt: Azathoth
Prompt: cosmic horrors
Prompt: The Outer Darkness
Prompt: dark scary horror monster cd cover tension suspense
Prompt: a lump of red and black cosmic rot. hyperdetailed. cosmic horror. concept art.
Prompt:  fantasy art style, painting, giving birth, pain, woman, bloated belly, pregnant belly, evil, demon, Satan, woman giving birth, machine, medical machine, ultrasound, MRI machine, robotic, green, green lights, green neon lights, lightning, colourful, murky, H. R. Giger, biological mechanical, pipes, evil robot, egg, queen, queen ant, snakes, serpents, eels, tentacles, jellyfish, giant robot, robot, machine, pregnant robot, war machine, inseminate, insemination, pregnancy, pregnant, mother, mother with pregnant belly, pregnant woman, futuristic, dystopian, alien, aliens,  insemination, egg laying, spawn, egg chamber, uterus, womb, placenta, procreation, breeding, brood, clutch of eggs, reproductive organs, giving birth, female, sperm, zygote, embryo, blood, veins, organs, shaft, pump, hammer, 
Apocalypse, birth canal, cervix, glands, birth, cesarean, operation, surgery, tree roots, roots, twigs, sticks, branches, tree, milk, bleeding, hole, sacral vertebrae, spine, vertebrae, brain, skull
Prompt: Azathoth
Prompt: Cosmic horror
Prompt: renascentist painting hell of souls bodyhorror sad painfull bloody nuclear caotic futuristic city, the end of the world, madness and crazy, sad people, under water, cthulu
Prompt: real time laser drawn wonderboy in monsterland
Prompt: a landscape of horrific images from hypnosis gone wrong or a bad drug trip, dante, fear, very dark, misshapen creatures, bodies, parts, realistic
Prompt: lovecraftian style glowing demon king behemoth