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Scythian riders fight a giant 3-headed dragon, fantasy landscape, airy, ancient clothes, renaissance painting, by leyendecker, by rutkowsky, by perov, by repin digital art, extreme detail, realistic lighting, cinematic composition, concept art, sharp focus, colorfull, 8k
Scythian riders fight a giant 3-headed dragon,... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 50
Sampler: k_lmsSeed: 1540062389
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Prompt: dragon, ultra realistic, ultra detailed, cinematic lighting, 8k
Prompt: Dragon knight on a dragon, realistic
Prompt: Victorious full-body painting of a beautiful anthropomorphic dragon, wearing battle armor, wielding a sword, posing, warm lighting, cozy, hyperdetailed, intricately detailed, insanely detailed, beautiful eyes, beautiful face, Greg Rutkowski, Fursona
Prompt: Dungeons and dragons character fighting a giant massive dragon life like art
Prompt: 2 monsters fighting, Poster art, high-quality high-detail highly-detailed breathtaking hero  The king of all monsters, carbon fibre helmet of knowledge, post apocalyptic world setting, has highly detailed scaled body, dragon looking, detailed carbon fibre mech amour, wearing carbon fibre mech armor, highly detailed face, full form, epic, 8k HD, ice, sharp focus, ultra realistic clarity. Hyper realistic, Detailed face, portrait, realistic, close to perfection, more black in the armour, 
wearing blue and black armour, wearing carbon black cloak with red, full body, high quality cell shaded illustration, ((full body)), dynamic pose, perfect anatomy, centered, freedom, soul, Black short hair, approach to perfection, cell shading, 8k , cinematic dramatic atmosphere, watercolor painting, global illumination, detailed and intricate environment, artstation, concept art, fluid and sharp focus, volumetric lighting, cinematic lighting,
Prompt: Dungeons and dragons character fighting a giant massive dragon life like art
Prompt: smaug, the hobbit, dramatic lighting, cinematic, establishing shot, overview, extremely high detail, photo realistic, cinematic lighting, post processed, concept art, artstation, matte painting, style by Alan lee and john howe
Prompt: death, horseman, splash art, full view, 8k image, higher resolution, super high quality, raptor, detailed, detailed face, detailed view, fantasy, darksiders, warrior, dragon, necromancer
Prompt: Full-body detailed masterpiece, fantasy, high-res, 2D image, cell shaded, quality upscaled image, 4k, perfect composition; subject of this image is a bipedal dragon-human hybrid, black scales, athletic body, detailed beautiful pale grey human head, beautiful webbed ears, serpents attached to shoulders
Prompt: fantasy style, extreme detail dragon flying in the far in the distance, ancient lakeside city in narrow desert valley, shrouded in fog, tall broken towers, large palace, distant dragon, view from above, dim dusk lighting, cinematic lighting, detailed lighting, volumetric lighting, realistic, f 8, 4 k HD wallpaper, diffuse lighting, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, lifelike, photorealistic, digital painting, artstation, illustration, concept art, smooth, sharp focus
Prompt: Full-body detailed masterpiece, fantasy, high-res, quality upscaled image, perfect composition, beautiful detailed pointed ears; subject of this image is a bipedal dragon, black scales, athletic body, humanoid torso, 18k composition, 16k, 2D image, cell shaded, pale grey human face surrounded by complex detailed dragon features
Prompt: anicent dragon,in war,agiants ancient warriors,dim light,battle ground,sun rise,8k,high quality
Prompt: Dark Death Dragon Anime Male No mutilations high quality art
Prompt: a sun dragon fighting a moon dragon ancient chinese painting
Prompt: dragon warrior, hyperdetailed, artstation, cgsociety, 4k, 8k
Prompt: Fantasy art by Boris vallejo and Julie Bell, a lone sentinal stands watch over the burning city
Prompt: dragon with armor