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Cat AI Productions

Cat AI Productions


In a magical savannah filled with wonders, an adorable, fluffy anthropomorphic lion queen with a pair of large ears and ultra-realistic reflective eyes was floating weightlessly through the savannah cabin. This ultra-detailed close-up portrait captured the essence of the cutest lion queen ever seen. The portrait was created using oil painting and octane render, giving it a magical and whimsical feel. The image was created in 3D with 8k resolution, making it so detailed that you could see every whisker on the lion queen's crown. The artist who created this masterpiece was none other than Craig Davison, who collaborated with Alexander Jansson and Peter Paul Rubens to bring this chibi kawaii pirate lion queen to life. The lion queen's face was perfect, detailed, and delicate, with its large eyes stealing your heart at first glance.
In a magical savannah filled with wonders, an a... [more]

Negative prompt

Multiple bodies, multiple heads, extra hands, extra fingers, extra feet, extra legs, ugly, skinny, extra leg, extra foot, blur, bad anatomy, double body, stacked body, fused hands, fused body, fused heads, fused legs, fused feet, multiple faces, ((conjoined)), (Siamese twin), double faces, four faces, texts, watermarked, watermark, logo, face out of frame, stacked background, ((out of frame portrait)), bucktoothed, cropped, uneven breasts, asymmetric breasts, ((cartoon)), ((poorly drawn), blur haze
Multiple bodies, multiple heads, extra hands, e... [more]
Model: SG161222/Realistic_Vision_V1.3
Width: 576Height: 768
Scale: 9Steps: 69
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 907826760
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