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Create a beautiful diorama of a fantasy forest in the style of Tara Donovan
Create a beautiful diorama of a fantasy forest... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 247198364
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Prompt: a beautiful hyper realistic detailed concept art of a fractal eldritch and creepy mushroom forest with morels at foreground and amanitas and puffballs and psilocybes and spores on several floors by andreas rocha and john howe and dan mumford and albert bierstadt, nausicaa, ultrawide angle, artstation, pinterest
Prompt: Abandoned world
Prompt: Aliens on a planet made of purple marijuana realistic high quality detailed
Prompt: Abandoned world
Prompt: monochrome, H.R. Geiger, beksinski, alien jungle, dense, hellish, monsters, trees, lava
Prompt: Futuristic forest in a cosmic space in a meditative divine sacred seed of life connecting nature
Prompt: Abandoned world
Prompt: Futuristic forest in a cosmic space in a meditative divine sacred seed of life connecting nature
Prompt: a highly detailed empty filled with death and rot battlefield, heavy mist, cherry blossoms floating on the wind, smoke burning bodies, blood, flowers, zombies, ghouls, shadows, rain, storming, dead bodies scattered around, rot, dark color scheme
Prompt: A detailed illustration of mushroom
with maggots ,oil painting, horror, dark background, torture, gore, sadistic, disgusting, dramatic lighting, hd, ultra detailed, medieval age style
Prompt: Forest of feathers, art by Jacek yerka, Gediminas Pranckevicius, naoto hattori, karol bak, anna dittmann, bob ross, norman rockwell, yoshitaka amano . diffused reflection, sharp focus, flowing colors and lines, hyper-detailed, photo-realistic, volumetric lighting, zbrush 16k fantasy, stars reflected
Prompt: Enlightenment Forest. By Jacek yerka, victo ngai, Alex Alemany,  Jessica rossier, Michael Whelan, Renoir. Best quality, highly detailed. 3d.
Prompt: A surreal root maze landscape with tall tentacular roots rising out of the ground like an alien planet, no vegetation except for small plants, wide-angle lens effect, creeper, low-poly, cinematic. 16k render. Impressionist painting style. Matte painting, hyperrealistic, photorealism, detailed. HDR lighting. mobile format, HDR. Film grain.
Prompt: "((UnderWorld Magic))" at midnight, in a mystical underground chamber filled with glowing crystals. The scene exudes otherworldly enchantment. In the style of Remedios Varo
Prompt: Wide-angle macro shot capturing the intricate details of plastic bacteria sculptures set against a dimly lit background.
Prompt: Ghilbli Laputa Nausiica and Vanessa Barragao inspired textile plant like dreamscape sculpture
Prompt: Twisted to a random reality and perspective of humanity and hate?
Prompt: magical forrest
Prompt: Futuristic forest in a cosmic space
Prompt: intricate landscape of nymphs in the universe, open bubbles, metal, color, flowers, ornate, intricate, flowing, neon, led, fractals, hyper-detailed, 64K, UHD, HDR, unreal engine, vivid colors
Prompt: biomechanical horror landscape, madness, horror style. over detailed, hyperrealism. Art by Ed Repka and Dan Seagrave
Prompt: fantasy style art  underground cave with fungal vines spreading from deeper into the cave