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female fairy walking toward cottage with human little girl and boy walking behind her in amazement
female fairy walking toward cottage with human... [more]
Model: Counterfeit V3
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1297559049
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Prompt: female fairy holding cakes walking toward cottage
Prompt: witch with long blonde hair, walking in a forest, white dog, wearing witch hat, cute, aesthetic, pastel, fairycore, disney, pixar, moon, stars, witchcraft, in a starry pastel sky, clouds, sweet, dreamy, award winning illustration, artstation, highres
Prompt: adventure time Jake the dog and Finn the humane at the tree house
Prompt: mysterious whimsical dusk adventure forest anime
Prompt: Nier Automata 2B, forest background, rich vivid colors, ambient lighting, dynamic lighting, 4k, HQ, official media, anime key visual, rossdraws, detailed, trending on artstation
Prompt: Environment as you see today digital art
Prompt: a person opening a door and a new world on the other side, anime, 4k, fantasy
Prompt: female fairy walking toward cottage
Prompt: scenery of someone chilling on a field hope by loish warm colors orange and green values
Prompt: Once upon a time there was a little boy named Cadmus. He loved exploring the forest near his home and discovering new things. One day, while he was walking, he heard a strange noise coming from an old cabin hidden among the trees. Curious, Cadmus decided to go see what was going on.
Prompt: anime character concept art in color, studio ghibli style art
Prompt: in the style of James Jean, painting of girl on an adventure, breathtakingly realistic
Prompt: A realistic painting of a fantasy forest, with bright vibrant colors, glowing magic mushrooms, shining crystals, pixies, two jolly troll children are playing between the trees. Mysterious feel, slight use of wet graphite. HD, HDR, realistic, ar 16:9
Prompt: fungal cozy alien fantasy cottage, green vines, (((magenta plants))), ((anime-background-style-v2)), (((fantasy))), detailed, style of makoto shinkai and greg rutkowski and james gurney, concept art
Prompt: A children’s book enchanting illustration of a cozy little house under a starry sky. A cute 4 year old girl with curly hair looking at the sky with wonder.