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Terminator, hyper realistic, muscle.
Terminator, hyper realistic, muscle. [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 100
Sampler: Seed: 1623747928

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Prompt: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, walking away from an explosion
Prompt: Terminator, T-800
Prompt: Terminator, T-800
Prompt: 64K masterpiece intricate hyperdetailed breathtaking 3D glowing black oil painting medium portrait of Son Goku, black trousers, intricate hyperdetailed muscular body, intricate hyperdetailed muscles, glowing white light reflection on the muscles, hyperdetailed intricate hard standing glowing hair, hyperdetailed glowing angry white eyes, detailed face, white glowing muscles, white glowing body, white glowing skin, semi-polaroid monochrome photography, hyperdetailed complex, character concept, hyperdetailed intricate glowing shining glamorous white water drop floating in the air, very angry, intricate glowing light reflection, intricate hyperdetailed glowing iridescent reflection, strong glowing white light on the hair, contrast white head light, hyperdetailed very strong black shading, very strong black muscle shadow, professional award-winning photography, maximalist photo illustration 64k, resolution High Res intricately detailed, impressionist painting, yellow color splash, illustration, key visual, panoramic, cinematic, masterfully crafted, 8k resolution, stunning, ultra detailed, expressive, hypermaximalist, UHD, HDR, UHD render, 3D render, 64K, hyperdetailed intricate watercolor mix oil painting on the body, Toriyama Akira