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Prompt: Geography Map without description and plain
Prompt: Prussia
Prompt: europe in the year 2100
Prompt: Asia map
Prompt: German Empire Map
Prompt: Pangea
Prompt: Ok, one last time, be as detailed as is possible. AI if you were human and could go anywhere you wanted. Where would you like to go?
Prompt: Prussia
Prompt: photo of 1947 india map
Prompt: The wars, piracy and internal disorders, resulting in the “frightful diminution of inhabitants” and the abandonment of agriculture, industry and commerce.

• The tributaries or abusive taxes and forced labor.

• The maldistribution of the gains from the galleon trade and the iniquity of the encomienda system.

• The failure to provide essential public goods like justice and peace and order.

• The bureaucratic corruption and inefficiency.

• The toleration, even encouragement, of vice (e.g., gambling), profligacy, and obscurantism.

• The discrimination of the indios and the denial of individual liberty.
Prompt: German Empire Map
Prompt: Roman Empire with Steam Engines
Prompt: Map of Germany
Prompt: photo of 1947 india map
Prompt: worlds countries in the year 2100