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Ocean/beach themed anime girl
Ocean/beach themed anime girl [more]
Model: Eimis Anime Diffusion
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 744473478

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Prompt: eg. magic water anime girl
Prompt: , high quality, good face, detailed face, detailed, 8k, good hair, HDR, good anatomy, good hands, complete fingers, good arms, five fingers, detailed hair

Zephyr is a nimble and agile acrobat, capable of gravity-defying leaps and astounding aerial maneuvers. With a physique honed through years of rigorous training, Zephyr can traverse the urban landscape with unparalleled speed and grace. She uses her acrobatic skills to outmaneuver adversaries, launch surprise attacks, and provide vital reconnaissance for her allies. Zephyr's fluid movements and natural affinity for heights make her a formidable force in both combat and exploration.
Prompt: ((illustration)), ((floating hair)), ((chromatic aberration)), ((caustic)), lens flare, dynamic angle,  ((portrait)),  (1 girl), ((solo)), cute face, ((hidden hands)), asymmetrical bangs, (beautiful detailed eyes), eye shadow, ((huge clocks)),  ((glass strips)), (floating glass fragments), ((colorful refraction)), (beautiful detailed sky), ((dark intense shadows)), ((cinematic lighting)), ((overexposure)), (expressionless),  blank stare, big top sleeves, ((frills)), hair_ornament, ribbons, bowties, buttons, (((small breast))), pleated skirt, ((sharp focus)), ((masterpiece)), (((best quality))), ((extremely detailed)), colorful, hdr