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Michael Bellanova

Michael Bellanova


cyberpunk pin up babe
cyberpunk pin up babe [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 458313459
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Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)). cyberpunk, an augmented female {bbw}, sorceress. wearing a transparent dress with visible skin and sunglasses, a hologram, 
leather body suit {Purple}, pixel sort, triadic colors, checkered pattern. posing for a picture. rpg art. 2d. 2d art.
Prompt: attractive woman, fierce eyes, cynical smile, beautiful and angelic, full body pose with terminator, alex ross,  graffiti art, splash art, street art, spray paint, oil gouache melting, acrylic, high contrast, colorful polychromatic, ultra detailed, ultra quality, CGSociety, depth of field, 3d render, unreal engine 5
Prompt: In borderlands <mymodel>
Prompt: anime illustration of beautiful young femme fatale, cute face, tattoos on arms,cyberpunk background,perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed,villainess long dark shiny hair, detailed eyes, focused gaze, tight leather outfit, gun holster, leg straps, lingerine,best quality, highres, ultra-detailed, anime, cool tones, detailed hair, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: madelyne pryor  as a Hypnotic cyberpunk
Prompt: Beautiful woman cartoon portrait cyberpunk