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vector layers of interweaving aliens
vector layers of interweaving aliens [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816
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Prompt: neo futurism
Prompt: fifty shades of chaos, chaotic quantum entanglement, in a style of constructivist glitch art and baroque wireframe hologram, scientific photography, :wundervoll-ai
Prompt: Tokamak transformer hologram, futuristic sci-fi style, vibrant neon colors, intricate energy patterns, high-tech holographic projection, intense and dynamic lighting, 4k, ultra-detailed, sci-fi, hologram, futuristic, vibrant neon, intricate patterns, dynamic lighting
Prompt: An inside view of the USS Enterprise Spaceship, hyper-detailed {ultra-detailed: (the Quartz Crystal Spheres network), (airlock station), high-end quality, high tech design 3D}, flawless shapes, perfect image composition, focus sharp, hyperrealistic, wide-angle View, volumetric lights, futuristic style, Sci-Fi design, digital art, award winning masterpiece, perfect image composition, Unreal Engine 5, Octane 3D HDR, Behance 4D Cinema, CryEngine, Ultra HD 1024K, harmony, clarity, order, proportions, symmetry, axis, rhythm.
Prompt: Holographic art, vibrant neon colors, futuristic cityscape, holographic elements, high-tech environment, detailed futuristic architecture, surreal atmosphere, holographic art style, vivid and otherworldly, best quality, highres, ultra-detailed, futuristic, vibrant colors, holographic, surreal, detailed architecture, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: The irridescent inside of a large alien ship. Photo quality color perfect lighting
Prompt: Cyberpunklify Galaxy outer space futuristic lo-fi 16x9
Prompt: n image that depicts in the style of 90's digital art the concept "ethics in a digital world" and have it include the scales of justice. the image should be made of digital zeros and ones
Prompt: Open portal into A.I. Dimension.
Prompt: location, cosmic space laboratory, made with alchemy,  a concept environment art room of a gloomy and somber low glow outer space with a towering magical arcane laboratory  full of carved glowing runes and glyphs shedding flaring volumetric light shafts throughout the darkness of a threatening sinister cosmic wasteland engulfed by  stars , a stunning Alphonse Mucha masterpiece in fantasy nouveau artstyle by Anders Zorn and Joseph Christian Leyendecker ,
Prompt: interior design ship alien futuristic universe deep space
Prompt: futuristic city
Prompt: a geometric grim devinci acid trip scary interior 3d piano keys railroad pipe organ open galaxy universe multiverse neon noble gas colorful mc escher pollox
Prompt: Mind-blowing futuristic cityscape, ultra-HD digital art, neon cyberpunk skyline, mind-bending architecture, surreal colors, high-tech holographic interfaces, futuristic vehicles, intense and vibrant lighting, sci-fi, cyberpunk, futuristic, neon, surreal, mind-bending, ultra-HD, digital art, vibrant colors, holographic interfaces, intense lighting, cityscape
Prompt: vectorized spinning shader dounts out of control, neon background
Prompt: Breathtakingly detailed Image of a UFO death cult members. Dark & striking image. Aesthetically Brilliant. Everything is perfectly to scale. Award winning.
Prompt: checkerboard vector madness, surreal
Prompt: Highly detailed digital artwork of futuristic sci-fi shields, metallic materials with intricate designs, glowing neon accents, dynamic energy effects, high-tech futuristic shields, intense and vibrant colors, high quality, futuristic, sci-fi, energy effects, metallic materials, glowing neon, dynamic design, digital art, detailed, vibrant colors
Prompt: Hypnotic illustration of {object}, hypnotic psychedelic art by Dan Mumford, pop surrealism, dark glow neon paint, mystical, Behance
Prompt: alright, good night to all! Have fun playing around with openart ai, colorized photonegative refractograph
Prompt: A cyber punk city in the year 3000
Prompt: retro cyberpunk city wallpaper