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a Salvador Dali's styled canvas of strawberries floating in a sky escaping the Knife police
a Salvador Dali's styled canvas of strawberries... [more]
Model: Counterfeit V3
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 144228984
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Prompt: "planet earth as  an apple (fruit) hanging of a tree"
Prompt: Sunny summer mourning playing singing dancing flying sky is bright blue planets dreams meteors outer space seven wonders Fibonacci clouds sun rays fenith island love and peace children birds trees swaying darkness coming death pain suffering life encompasses it all looming over the horizon titans maturity reaper terror zen horror calm fear laughter mindfulness cloudy rainy four seasons thunder storm eruption natural disaster burning showers crying running sitting shock chaos and order yin and yang tornadoes gusts of wind, hope in the face of hopelessness, determination grit clenched anger vulnerable weak
Prompt: Wide render of a video game landscape, where striking purple trees with flowing, organic shapes stand tall. The environment is designed with cubo-futurism in mind, merging geometric forms with a touch of the future. The ground features spiky mounds, painted in hues of light red and pink, contrasting against the hyperrealistic skies. The viewer's perspective is from a low-angle, making the sky vast and dominant.
Prompt: Generate an image of a surreal otherworldly landscape, featuring twisted trees, floating islands, and otherworldly creatures. Use vibrant colors and an ethereal atmosphere to evoke a sense of mystery and wonder.
Prompt: Wide illustration of a scene from childhood arcadias: a woman of Asian descent climbs a tree filled with vibrant, intricately detailed fruits, set against a dreamy turquoise and orange sky.
Prompt: bstract, dreamlike landscape, Salvador Dali, René Magritte, fantastical creatures, melting objects, floating bodies, distorted perspectives, juxtaposition of unrelated elements, atmospheric lighting, subconscious exploration, vibrant colors, bold and energetic brushstrokes
Prompt: An illustration of swifts flying high in the sky.
The background is blue. The colour scheme is vibrant. We see the swifts from below. The aesthetic is of a tarot card.
Prompt: surreal landscape with a touch of whimsy? a fantastical world with vibrant, surreal colors and a sense of playfulness. The landscape is filled with strange creatures, oversized objects, and impossible architecture. The environment is dreamlike, with a sense of wonder and magic. The mood is light and joyful, with a feeling of childlike awe. The medium is mixed media, with elements of both painting and digital art. Techniques such as collage and layering will be used to create a sense of depth and texture. inspiration Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, and the surrealist movement.
Prompt: surrealistic art
Prompt: a Renoir's styled canvas of strawberries floating in a sky escaping the Knife police
Prompt: a canvas painting of guavas fighting against strawberries in the style of Salvador Dali
Prompt: by IrinaKapi.
a red balloon on a string, a butterfly, symmetry, mysticism
Prompt: Season, anime charecters, vivid, forest in Two rows, sunshine in the back, with elements of the Earth, science fiction, space and abunch of planets, realistc, vibrant, japanese art style, every color, floating japanese dragons in the sky, Blue sky with stars, Two gaint floating japanese dragons in the sky, crazy landscape, multi color landscape, forest
Prompt: a bright blue sky plenty of stars and bright full moon and a big dead tree on the left with a small village in the back and a wavy yellow sky
Prompt: Illustration of a surreal scene where strawberries levitate, and a wave of rich chocolate sauce crashes over them in mid-air, set against a pastel pink background in a wide format.
Prompt: Surreal indie art
Prompt: generate a cover art for a single I am releasing. The genre of the song is Rock. The image should be a pop art-like image with a visual reference to the tree in the garden of eden and should contain the title of the song which is 'Gifappel'
Prompt: ART DECO AUTUMN TREES, falling leaves, birds, hills, wind, clouds, castle, AURIKA PILIPONIENE IRA KENNEDY MARCI MCDONALD HOLAKANOLA MARIA SERAFINA DEBBIE CRISWELL victo ngai henri rousseau vladimir kush Arief Putra Anita Inverarity Alenka Sottler Itzchak Tarkay remedios varo. Super clear resolution, cinematic smooth, polished finish, watercolor ink.
Prompt: chocolate sauce hitting strawberries in mid air in wide ratio
Prompt: a christmass tree in a Dali's style
Prompt: starscape with  giant fir trees with a cat and a deserted spacestation in the form of roger dean art
Prompt: surrealistic art