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an illustration of a robot in the city, in the style of alien worlds, neo-academism, uhd image, teal and silver, steve hillier, internet academia, retro-futurism
an illustration of a robot in the city, in the... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1376Height: 864
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Prompt: {{{{highest quality absurdres best stylized award-winning digital painting lifelike stylized character concept darknet evil scary horror robotic masterpiece with perfect raytracing}}}} of hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed stunning darknet evil scary gorgeous lifelike lascivious devouring posing feminine {{{{cybernetic robotic android}}}} and {{hyperrealistic robotic hair}} and {{hyperrealistic perfect lifelike scary android eyes}} wearing {{hyperrealistic perfect cybernetic robotic android outfit}} with deep visible exposed cleavage and abs in a hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed perfectly fitting scenery with atmosphere, best elegant octane behance cinema4D rendered stylized epic film poster splashscreen videogame trailer character portrait photo closeup {{hyperrealistic stunning cinematic style with lifelike skin details and raytraced reflections}} in {{hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed perfect 128k highest resolution definition fidelity UHD HDR superior photographic quality}},
hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed stunning darknet evil scary gorgeous feminine robotic android lifelike face with sadistic smile and {{seductive love gaze directly at camera}},
hyperrealistic perfect posing body anatomy in perfect epic cinematic stylized composition with perfect vibrant colors and perfect shadows, perfect professional sharp focus RAW photography with ultra realistic perfect volumetric dramatic soft 3d lighting, trending on instagram artstation, perfect epic cinematic post-production, 
{{ssexy}}, {{huge breass}}, impossible godly quality, impossible godly details, impossible godly atmosphere
Prompt: Visualize an evocative scene that captures the essence of the film "Ex Machina" and its thought-provoking themes. A dimly lit room within the futuristic mansion stands as the backdrop, with a glass wall revealing the breathtaking landscape beyond. In the foreground, Ava, the humanoid AI, stands gracefully, her features both human-like and distinctly artificial. Her enigmatic gaze hints at the depth of her intelligence and emotions, embodying the blurred line between machine and humanity. This poignant image encapsulates the film's exploration of the "ex machina" concept, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound implications of artificial intelligence on human nature and ethics.
Prompt: Male cyberpunk android, cyberpunk, neon and metalic parts, futuristic, more robotic seeing parts in body
Prompt: Circuit board cyborg female by parametric design, abstract horror by Symmetrical Eyeball, insanely detailed circuit board skin, extremely detailed, 3D rendering, --style 10j3e84U9, insanely detailed, raw light,3D rendering, intricate details HDR, beautifully shot, hyperrealistic, sharp focus, 64 megapixels, perfect composition, high contrast, cinematic, atmospheric, moody, complex hyper-maximalist background scenes,
Prompt: portraits of artificial faces, in the style of futuristic, sci-fi elements, dark silver, 8k resolution, neurocore, feminine sculpture, digital as manual, depth of field
Prompt: the world of robotics in india, in the style of futuristic digital art, teal and silver, alien worlds, urban energy, daz3d, historical illustration, blink-and-you-miss-it detail
Prompt: futuristic human body that looks like a robot, in the style of dark silver and dark blue, detailed facial features, daz3d, made of insects, circuitry, kintsugi, photo taken with nikon d750
Prompt: a graphic illustration showing the face of a synthetic woman, in the style of surreal robotics, uhd image, mind-bending murals, shiny eyes, dark teal and white, 8k resolution, daz3d