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Prompt: A Chinese protector god, wearing a cross vajra crown, with a majestic and angry expression, red skin, red hair standing upright, with three arms on each side; each of the six hands holds a law enforcement weapon; the first one holds a rosary on the left, and the second right hand Holding lotus. The left hand holds the bow, the right hand holds the arrow; the third hand holds the vajra bell in the lower left hand, and the vajra pestle in the upper right hand. His whole body was radiating red light, and he was sitting on a thousand-leaf lotus nectar bottle.
Prompt: A smiling grey-haired forest gnome dressed in a loose blue wizard cloak while holding a wooden staff, standing infront of a fantasy forest and surrounded by cute forest animals, fantasy water color style
Prompt: Curvaceous buxom beautiful plump woman, age 22, strawberry blonde bob, vibrant blue eyes, perfect diamond face, hourglass physique, warm smile, Mondrian print design color-blocked minidress, white fashion boots, standing on a grand staircase, pro lighting, high-res, magazine cover style photo, professional pose, high detail, high quality, vibrant colors.
Prompt: Old Native American man with long, scruffy long white hair and long beard, wearing an old tattered cowboy hat, sitting on a rickety porch, holding a walking stick, rugged and worn-out clothes, dusty and desolate atmosphere, dusty illustrated effect, warm tones, detailed facial features, aged and weathered expression, high quality, realistic, traditional, warm tones, detailed facial features, rugged, weathered clothes, fantasy effect, atomospheric lighting
Prompt: teeny tiny aquarium
Prompt: photo realistic 2024 model Volkswagen Tiago, the car is black in color and is parked infront of a large lime green circle.,
Prompt: a magical library with moonlight, starts, whimsy and dark academia
Prompt: photorealistic, detailed, a white fluffy  chinchilla sitting on a tree trunk over a cascading meandering brook on an enchanted romantic fantasy forest, summer, sunny day
Prompt: ufo scene
Prompt: Minimal black and white icon, otter reading a book, simple lines, clean design, focused expression, high contrast, detailed book cover, monochrome, minimalistic, clean lines, symbolic, high quality, B&W, detailed otter, reading, serene atmosphere
Prompt: An orc in a polka dot dress
Prompt: Orange and green Gundam firing heavy machine gun in war zone, futuristic sci-fi rendering, intense battle scene with explosions, detailed armor with weathered textures, high quality, 4k, ultra-detailed, futuristic, sci-fi, intense battle, heavy machine gun, war zone, detailed armor, weathered textures, orange, green, white accents, dynamic posing, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: female soldier, in short skirt. walking on the beach near an autumn forest. digital art style. Photorealistic 3d.
7 Lego figures looking like board members standing in a window overlooking the city skyline in the background of the city. including women and men
Prompt: cuban home decor and style ideas and examples
Prompt: create a poster of the mythical legend puckwudgie in a national park
Prompt: My group's name is "StowWizards". We are working in warehouse. So can you design a logo. In this logo I want to see StowWizards name in italic but write i word like a stick of the witch.
Prompt: Person vloging and holding mobile camera with ambient background
Prompt: Surreal machine
Prompt: A  demon is submmiting humans, infected,predatorial eyes, devourer, highly detailed, 4k resolution, masterpiece,fractal background, warp space background, Dalí art,digital art
Prompt: Modern exorcist, intense and eerie atmosphere, dark and eerie, high quality, detailed, supernatural, horror, modern setting, dramatic lighting, mystical symbols, ominous shadows, professional, cinematic, chilling, haunting, paranormal, eerie blue tones, eerie mist, ritualistic, detailed facial features, urban, supernatural
Prompt: Landscape heaven pink trees flowers like a dream with mountain and water, morning light, picture style
Prompt: Create an oil painting set in the year 1890, capturing the moment when members of a state house of representatives are celebrating the end of their biannual session. The Speaker of the House is striking the gavel, declaring the House adjourned "sine die." The scene is filled with the atmosphere of relief and jubilation.

In the painting, the Speaker stands at the front, mid-motion, as he strikes the gavel on the wooden podium. The representatives, dressed in period-appropriate attire of the late 19th century, are reacting with joy, clapping, shaking hands, and some even throwing their hats in the air. The grand hall is adorned with elaborate woodwork, chandeliers, and large windows allowing natural light to flood in. The walls are lined with portraits of notable figures and flags, adding to the historic and celebratory ambiance
Prompt: Medieval fantasy jungle exploration, ; elven adventurer, lush greenery and ancient ruins, mystical creatures lurking in the shadows, high-quality, oil painting, fantasy, lush green tones, mysterious lighting
Prompt: female soldier, in short skirt. walking on the beach near an autumn forest. digital art style. Photorealistic 3d.
Prompt: a black sports car in a dark room with lights on it's headlight and the front lights on, Daarken, mannerism, dark night, a black and white photo
Prompt: crochet sewing craft room decor
Prompt: ant eating poor fishy
Prompt: earth destroy by kalki army
Prompt: At home with trees in the background. In the foreground, a hopeful candidate sits at a desk with papers, surrounded by two friends. Make the people all black.
Prompt: A cafe on a park named ARROWMATIKA on the park
Prompt: one girl stand in the rain and drop
 the beat
Prompt: Design a piece of digital artwork that combines elements of Renaissance art with futuristic themes
Prompt: Anime warriors battling a fiery dragon, epic battle scene, intense action, high-quality 3D rendering, anime, fantasy, dramatic lighting, dragon scales shimmering in firelight, formidable warriors, dynamic poses, flames engulfing the battlefield, detailed armor and weapons, cinematic, intense color contrast, mythical creature, dramatic composition, ultra-detailed, highres, fiery atmosphere
Prompt: A group of Singapore Police Force police officers is seen in a modern command center, surrounded by multiple computer screens displaying various types of data. One officer is prominently shown sitting at a desk, intently analyzing information on a large monitor. The monitor displays complex data visualizations, such as graphs, heat maps, and statistical charts, indicating the use of advanced data analytics. Other officers are engaged in discussions, pointing at different screens filled with real-time data feeds, maps of Singapore, and surveillance footage. The room is well-lit with a backdrop of high-tech equipment, emphasizing the sophisticated technology employed by the police force.
Prompt: by Bernie Wrightson, great level of detail, full art, surreal waiizi flowers, solo portrait 🎨🖌️, giraud, inspired by Neal Adams, menacing pose, by Patrick Woodroffe, a detailed painting
Prompt: female soldier in short skirt, walking through the forest near the lake
Prompt: Red scorpion and compass, detailed scorpion with vibrant red color, intricate compass design, highres, detailed illustration, realistic, intense and bold style, warm earthy tones, dramatic lighting, desert setting, rugged texture, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: Experienced healthcare professional from diverse ethnic groups like non Hispanic black, white and origin team looking confident and happy. should be in landscape format and fit website
Prompt: A birthday invitation for a boy who loves lego and becomes 7 years old. Date of party 28th of december. start hour 14.00
Prompt: Vector 3D girl face made of different-sized black outline blocks, minimalist style, vivid color scheme, high quality, vector art, 3D rendering, geometric abstraction, abstract portrait, black outline blocks, 3D, monochrome, minimalist, highres, ultra-detailed
Prompt: Surreal machine
Prompt: album cover art with title K Mix 86 in a minimalist style
Prompt: Medieval fantasy jungle exploration, ; elven adventurer, lush greenery and ancient ruins, mystical creatures lurking in the shadows, high-quality, oil painting, fantasy, lush green tones, mysterious lighting
Prompt: a headoffice with latest technology
 of MEHMOOD BROTHERS and one new model black dodge car out of office
Prompt: Art
Prompt: An animated girl touching her cat and dr8nking water at the same time,fantasy colour
Prompt: Eine Oma spielt auf einer Fender Telcaster
Prompt: a devious magical girl
Prompt: black kid that  is starving gets beat up by gang
Prompt: thick forest with massive trees, extensive underbrush,  volumes of vines Spanish moss and creepers lacing their way through the old growth, dark sky, storm clouds with lightning through the canopy. heavy driving rain catching the light. a decaying gothic style mansion slowly being subsumed by the vegetation.  4k ultra detailed. stormy. lighting