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Charlie J

Charlie J


Create the Image of a gorgeous young adult Brothers Grimm dark sorceress with random natural hair style and colors, perfectly detailed cute face, full luscious lips, captivating wide eyes with an alluring gaze, perfect body composition, standing in the middle of a bloody battlefield, hyper realistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, perfect lighting and shadows.
Create the Image of a gorgeous young adult Brothers Grimm dark sorceress with random natural hair... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 472965778

Original image

Original image

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Prompt: Night elf from Warcraft, female, dark, high quality, fantasy style, mystical, ethereal glow, elven features, intricate armor details, elegant and graceful, moonlit forest setting, detailed foliage, mystical aura, majestic, magical, enchanting, fantasy, detailed eyes, atmospheric lighting, cool tones, highres, ultra-detailed
Prompt: In an ancient town steeped in magic, where the stones themselves hold secrets from ages past, a young Elf wizard walks with a presence that commands both attention and respect. Her body, a harmonious blend of curves, moves with the effortless grace that is the birthright of her kind. This Elf, with her skin adorned in attire not made of cloth but of magic, stands as a testament to the arcane arts.

Her "garment" is akin to bodypaint, a masterpiece of magical craftsmanship applied directly onto her skin. This living art piece, vibrant and dynamic, clings to her form, highlighting her curves with an elegance that transcends the need for traditional fabric. The designs etched in this magical paint tell stories of ancient magic, with symbols and patterns that shift and dance with her every movement, reflecting the depth of her power and the breadth of her connection to the mystical realm.

Her hair, short, messy, and dark black  frames her face in stark contrast to the luminous artwork that adorns her body. It adds an element of wild beauty to her appearance, an untamed reminder of her connection to the natural world.

Completing her ensemble is a cape that mirrors the night sky, a fabric so finely woven with magic that it seems to hold the very stars within its folds. It moves with her, a constant companion that whispers of her dominion over the celestial realm.

Her feet are encased in tight, thigh-high boots that ground her in the physical world, even as the rest of her attire speaks of her command over the ethereal. These boots, practical yet elegant, echo the dual nature of her being—rooted in the earth, yet reaching for the stars.

This Elf wizard, her body a canvas of magical bodypaint, stands as a beacon of power and beauty amidst the ancient stones of her town. She is a living embodiment of the magic that flows through this land, a bridge between the seen and the unseen, the mundane and the mystical.
Prompt: A Huge very detailed DnD fantasy landscape with a murky city, detailed houses and taverns, atmospheric lighting, highres, fantasy, detailed architecture, immersive, murky tones, medieval, mysterious, foggy, bustling city, detailed alleys, ancient buildings, gloomy moody atmosphere, Facial twin of a young Tatiana Shmayluk, Detailed DnD fantasy art of a pretty heroic female elf dnd Assassin, immensive thick long tousled black with darkblue wisps hair, slim ripped and wiry upper body, slim eight-pack belly, traditional detailed painting, detailed intricate bellyfree black rogue armour with showing a strong eight-pack, detailed black belts, dramatic lighting, vibrant colors, high quality, game-rpg style, epic high fantasy, traditional art, dramatic dark lighting, heroic rogue, fascinating, dark gloomy vibrant colors, high quality details, Dagger in the hand
Prompt: Warrior woman with elvish features, fantasy, ethereal, mystical, detailed armor with elvish motifs, flowing cape, enchanted forest background, high quality, fantasy art, ethereal tones, detailed eyes, elegant design, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: Create a highly detailed AI defined image of a highly detailed beautifully stunning medieval fantasy female Mage character in a fictional fantasy realm fighting shadow demons.

wide landscape lense, ISO 500, Aperture f/22, APS-C, Splash art, dark fantasy art, stunning bokeh, cinematic lighting and scale, super detailed, 64k, high quality perfect lighting, perfect shadows.
Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)) ((exquisite)) ((intricate minute detail)), ((photorealistic)), ((breathtaking)) ((masterpiece)) ((by Aleksi Briclot)), ((by Stanley Artgerm Lau)), 1girl, close-up portrait videogame splash art, adventurer spell caster, Ethereal, willowy, raven-haired, piercing blue eyes, porcelain skin, delicate features, flowing robes, silver pentacle necklace, Enchanted staff, Grimoire bound in dragonhide, potion satchel, Misty forest, ancient ruins, mystical glade, towering castle, moonlit path, enchanted garden, dark cave, forbidden tower, mystical portal, ancient tomb, dnd character concept art.