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Christopher Hilton

Christopher Hilton


diablo II<mymodel>
diablo II<mymodel> [more]
Model: 851bdacc-25b9-457a-834c-60cc3e95e6f1
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 40
Seed: 384037205
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Prompt: <mymodel>demonic Prescence
Prompt: <mymodel>demonic Prescence
Prompt: Tall, Intimidating, Large, male, Solomon Grundy/goliath D&D build, black hair,  very dark grey scarred skin, covered in bandages, dark tattered cloth armor exposes his midriff, hood of magical darkness that completely shrouds his face with a mask of darkness, large red gem between pecs in chest, Path of the Zealot Barbarian, Strong, wielding large two-handed great-axe, Fantasy setting, D&D, Dead clerics around him, undead, zombie
Prompt: <mymodel>demonic Prescence
Prompt: Golden exalted Necromancer by Guildwars 2, by Daniel Dociu by Kekai kotai by John Berkey, fantasy Necromancer golden skin, golden ancient robes, inscribed with runes, Ultra-high definition render by Sophia Lee
Prompt: <mymodel>pit of hell
Prompt: diablo II<mymodel>
Prompt: The Bloodbane Berserker