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batman pooping snakes
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Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 2Steps: 12
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 141186246
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Prompt: a world that is about to be absorbed by a black hole, your point of view is from a room where you can see the worlds forest where ther is a stone dino dragons and other animals and monsters, your a human, you also have a robot friend next to you, day sky, abit cloudy, rainny, you sit infront of a windo with your robot buddie and a dog, the forst is a scandanivian/ american typ forst, there is one big metal and wooden bridge in the back but you can narely see it, there ar also flying creatores, you can also see some space ships,the room your in is a living room with a kitchen atached to it, 8k ultra hyper realistic resolution, --ar 16:9, hyper detailed, digital art style, somber and depressing style, there robot is made out of a reflectife metal so you can see a reflection, the Dinos have stone skin, there is also a fox on the bridge, night sky, you can see multiple planets in the sky also getting absorbed by the black hole, there is also a house in the back its a medieval style house so its old, there must be more than one tree, there is also a hill in the back, detailed grass and trees, and , detailed dino's, detailed robots, detailed humans, detailed fox, detailed dog, detailed monsters, detailed monsters
Prompt: GODS COUNTRY ,ultra sharp, highly detailed, highest quality, character portrait, Steampunk Mad Hatter, art by Alex Ross and Brian Bolland and Dr. Seuss and John Tenniel and George Cruikshank and Maurice Sendak and Neal Adams, smooth, sharp focus, trending on artforum, behance hd
Prompt: Warrior infront of space city
Prompt:  کهکشان درحال نابودی وفضانوردانی که آن را نجات می دهند
Prompt:  among us