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A Beautiful girl with black hair,silver eye,black eye,wearing a warrior outfit holding a sword,background is a battle field with swords stuck in the ground
A Beautiful girl with black hair,silver eye,bla... [more]
Model: Anything V3
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 12Steps: 50
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 1310270532
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Prompt: a maiden with black long hair and beautiful eyes
Prompt: Fantastical, a reconacance agent wearing full black medivel armor includeng leg armor, she has short black hair and eyes glowing with a unatural yellow, useing a silver sword with gold eched on it, and a bunch of sheathed daggers, beacutiful, graceful, long hair,fine details, hypermaximum
Prompt: Shinobi girl, long black hair
Prompt: 1 girl, masterpiece long shot scenic of highly contrast water color pastel mix ultra realistic beautiful girl in highly detailed futuristic black leather armor and sapphire ornament with highly detailed face, holding highly detailed garnet futuristic sword, pose in highly detailed dungeon, full body portrait, poster, strong shadow, anxious, flying pastel mix fluffy hair, sharp focus, digital painting, windy, sunshine, at high noon, strong sunlight, strong sunrays, blue sky, heroic fantasy art, pastel mix art, digital painting, digital art, clean art, professional, contrast color, contrast, colorful, rich deep color, studio lighting, dynamic light, deliberate, concept art, highly contrast light, strong back light, hyper detailed, super detailed, render, CGI winning award, hyper realistic, ultra realistic, UHD, HDR, 64K, RPG, inspired by wlop, UHD render, HDR render
Prompt: A female knight, wielding a halberd and wearing plate armor.
The knight has dark black hair, blue eyes, and a toothy grin.
The plate armor covers her entire chest, and is large, heavy, silver, metal, protective, and has sharp angles.
The halberd is a long two-handed weapon with an axe head at one end and a weight at the other.
Prompt: As I look through my camera lens, I see a young woman standing amidst the ruins of what used to be a bustling city. She wears tattered clothing and carries a rusty old sword on her back, a sign of the dangerous world she lives in. Her eyes reveal the hardships she has faced, yet there is a glimmer of hope and determination that still shines within her. As she walks, she scans the horizon for any signs of danger, ready to face whatever challenges come her way in this post-apocalyptic world. The rubble and decay of the world around her only serves to highlight her strength and resilience, making her a true survivor.
Prompt: digital painting of a dark and brooding priestess, clad in black leather and wielding a sinister-looking staff, surrounded by a haze of dark energy with freckles white hair in a bun and big brown eyes with an intense gaze, 16k, UHD, HDR10, 16K, ((Masterpiece)) Absurdres,
Prompt: a beautiful girl, black hair and red eyes, wearing the clothes of a nobleman's bundle of 1850, superpowers, aura, mysterious smile, dark background with many black shadows, black background dark and monstrous darkness.
Prompt: death goddess on river of blood, dark hair, illustration, artstation, dynamic soft lighting, high-res, 4k, stylistic
Prompt: female human shadow sorcerer, a lean, athletic build and flowing dark brown hair.  She is small bosomed. 

She wears a long cloak made of dark gray wool, adorned with black leather and lined gray fur. Brown undershirt. leather bodice, dark gray skirt. knee-high boots..

 She wears a ring on her right. In her left hand, she carries a dagger. At her side, she carries a small belt pouch.
dungeon setting.
Prompt: A Beautiful girl demon with black eyes,holding a Katana,background is a battle field
Prompt: Indian warrior girl with long hair and holding a sword
Prompt: Dwarven Paladin, Black hair, medieval armour, portrait, In the heart of a colossal mountain, a realm unknown to the surface world thrived—the almighty Dwarven empire. Here, amidst the rugged grandeur, dwelled an extraordinary figure—a heroine of power and grace, elegant, gorgeous, exuding an aura as potent as the very stone that enveloped her. Her upper torso attire bespoke a regal demeanor that harmonized seamlessly with her formidable spirit.

Clad in a form-fitting jumpsuit, deep and majestic in the shade of royal blue, she moved with an air of authority and self-assuredness. Crafted from a lightweight yet flexible material, the jumpsuit embraced her contours, allowing every motion to flow with the grace of a mountain stream. The subtle yet enchanting V-neckline framed her collarbones with an elegance that spoke of her poise.

Delicate embroidery, glistening like gold in the depths of the earth, adorned the jumpsuit's edges. Intricate patterns, woven with threads of regal gold, mirrored the strength that resided within her and the noble aura that surrounded her. As the light danced upon these golden motifs, a magnetic allure emanated from her presence, captivating all who beheld her.

A belt of polished gold, cinched at her waist, accentuated her commanding presence. Its centerpiece emblem depicted her authority and influence, a symbol of unassailable power. The belt not only enhanced her silhouette but also embodied her unyielding determination, a testament to her prowess as a leader.

Completing this upper ensemble, her hair flowed like a cascade of luxuriant waves, framing her face like a crown forged from her own majesty. Intricate gold hairpins held her locks in place, each one a masterpiece that reflected her affinity for both strength and beauty—a harmonious blend of the warrior's might and the regal grace that marked her as the heart and soul of the almighty Dwarven empire, Busty, 4k, HD, High Quality, Effect