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blue woman, aura
blue woman, aura [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 672
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 316808412

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Prompt: blue woman, aura
Prompt: ecstatic
Prompt: Abstract art, portrait of love, from young to old , flow of time, ready to print, faces
Prompt: Watercolour painting on Brown background, close-up face, exploding colours, creative imagination, perfect face --ar16:9
Prompt: mixed media painting
Prompt: blue woman, aura
Prompt: blue woman, aura
Prompt: A canvas showing a watercolor portrait of sad woman's face, dropping tears. Lightly dark colors, poorly saturated. Shadowy background. Kandinsky style.
Prompt: female face abstract painting
Prompt: An abstract Encaustic wax painting of a beautiful woman using only red, yellow and orange colors, heavy wax,
Prompt: Abstract woman in love
Prompt: blue woman, aura
Prompt: beautiform women colorful
Prompt: Professional high art quality ,Ghostly and ethereal apparitions ,detailed faces and eyes. translucent ghosts populate the senance, swimming in air art portrait, matte fantasy painting, Khokhloma with chiaroscuro lighting, bioluminescence painting, large and small details, black, orange, cyan, purple, gold, green, silver, and ultra-twisted colors, gorgeous old Danish folktale, oil painting, heavy strokes, and paint dripping.
Prompt: An artistic painting that expresses confidence
Prompt: blue woman, aura
Prompt: Modern abstract art, vibrant, whimsical, ethereal
Prompt: Gowsilvia, masterpiece, Best Quality, in alcohol ink style
Prompt: woman, vibrant colors, 8k resolution, high quality, natural beauty, atmospheric lighting, serene, detailed face, breathtaking,
Prompt: woman blue eyes beautiful angel abstract ethereal satie
Prompt: blue woman, aura
Prompt: blue woman, aura
Prompt: Prompt: watercolor painting in the style trending online, evoking the feeling in the song lyric: "Arleta, c'mon home."
Prompt: very detailed oil painting, super empath portrait, Digital illustration, Agnes Cecile, Aokamei, Todd McFarlane, 4k, calligraphy, hieroglyphs smooth lines, gradient fills, beautiful curves, flowing shadows, alternating light and shadow areas, shadows dancing in the rhythm of smoke
Prompt: an spanish woman exotic dancer drawing,cubist style,beautiful eyes,colorful,paintbrush.small eyes  face,athletic body,jimmy liao,realistic