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a Lovecraftian cult led by a man in a white suit, standing in front of the Hollywood sign
a Lovecraftian cult led by a man in a white sui... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 496638887
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Prompt: Retro sci-fi aliens on a desert planet, in the style of retro futurism
Prompt: Walter White in black pants and jacket, green collared shirt, Pixar, Yoshitaka Amano, intricate frock, bioluminescent veils, midnight lake, stars, silk, lilypads, nebula, galaxy, luminous, 8k ultra hd, soft light, teal and pink tones, detailed, bioluminescent, galaxy theme, luminous silhouettes, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: alien planet surface town painting in the style of dali
Prompt: Ancient South Americans bow before ruthless extraterrestrial conquerers. Photo quality color perfect lighting
Prompt: Paleontologists on the moon, film still from the movie directed by wes anderson and david cronenberg with art direction by zdzisław beksinski and dr. seuss
Prompt: Idealism masterpieces, Zulu renditions super realism
Prompt: giant obsidian inlaid with green jade cat playing guitar, in the style of Jacek Yerka, wide perspective view, infinity vanishing point
Prompt: Retro futurism, lovecraftian horrors, distant planet, distant primal world, people running from monster
Prompt: a guy taking a selfie with alien on earth in front of a spaceship
Prompt: Generate an image with the people in the background and the alien ahead
Prompt: An alien smoking a joint outside area 51
Prompt: Cannabis aliens taking over a purple planet high detail reality spaceships
Prompt: life on the moon
Prompt: In a square format, a series poster that exudes both official and fan-made vibes. Characters are portrayed in a grotesque manner, set against a backdrop of spiky terrains. The artistry borrows elements from celebrated painters and showcases a 3D visual depth similar to Bryce 3D techniques.
Prompt: aliens attack humans
Prompt: alien invasion