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Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2069844105
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Prompt: 2
Prompt: Psychedelic knight
Prompt: The shimmering light of The WhisperStone bathed the Whisker Whispers in its cosmic glow, and when it faded, they found themselves in a kaleidoscope of colors and laughter. Before them stretched a vibrant carnival, its vibrant tents and captivating rides tempting them with promises of thrilling adventures. Alexis couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement, and with their fellow team members, they stepped into the carnival grounds.

As they explored the carnival, they stumbled upon a circus tent filled with eager spectators. The mesmerizing performances of acrobats, clowns, and fire dancers held the crowd in awe. Amid the applause, a familiar figure emerged - Sasha, the agile acrobat. Sasha’s sleek, tuxedo fur glistened under the spotlight as they gracefully danced on tightropes, effortlessly performing daring flips and twists high above the ground.
Prompt: hd resolution trippy bohemian art
Prompt: drawing 700
Prompt: spirit of mapacho ayahauska art
Prompt: Visualize an artistic arena where two formidable forces face off. On one side stands the "Generator," depicted as a neural network infused with artistic tools, exuding a palpable energy of creativity. On the opposing side, the "Discriminator" stands as an equally advanced neural network, radiating an aura of discernment and critique.

Between them, an ethereal dance unfolds. Waves of vibrant colors and intricate patterns emanate from the Generator, stretching toward the Discriminator. The Discriminator responds with beams of analytical light, examining each creation with intensity. As this dynamic interplay unfolds, a harmonious fusion of artistry and technology emerges—a symphony of creation and evaluation that defines the essence of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). The image encapsulates the essence of GANs, where two forces collaborate to produce art that challenges the boundaries of human imagination and machine innovation.
Prompt: A
Prompt: an image of a colorful psychedelic pattern with many colorful figures, in the style of mark henson, fluid photography, ivan fedorovich choultse, anamorphic art, focus stacking, aries moross, mixes realistic and fantastical elements
Prompt: The world from the point of view of a schizophrenic having visual hallucinations no one else can see
Prompt: Diligence
Prompt: This painting is a fascinating tapestry of abstract, dimensional, and psychological elements. Its canvas is adorned with vibrant graffiti textures, lending an urban and energetic feel to the artwork.

At its core, there's an abstract figure, both unconventional and captivating, with melodies manifesting as abstract sound waves. The painting as a whole takes on the essence of an abstract textured masterpiece, with neutral colors applied in an unconventional manner, creating depth and complexity.

In this artistic realm, a textured and abstract sun graces the left corner, while the moon takes its place in the bottom right corner, establishing a visual balance between light and darkness. Throughout the composition, people, depicted in fragmented and abstract forms, dance on a beach, and waves come to life in a small, distinctive area.

Hidden within the painting are tiny rabbit feet, meticulously stamped in black paint, creating the illusion of playful movement across the canvas. Concealed tree roots add a poetic layer, symbolizing the beginnings of growth and transformation.

Overlaying the entire artwork, crayon-written poetry by a child, seemingly aged and worn, becomes an integral part of the piece. Despite its appearance of decay, it contributes to a profound narrative within the painting—a story of love, beauty, destruction, and chaos.

Amidst all these elements, various hidden items and symbols are scattered throughout the artwork, adding layers of intrigue and mystery. This composition invites viewers to explore its intricate layers and interpret the emotions and symbolism it conveys, unveiling a story of love and beauty intertwined with destruction and chaos, all captured within its fragmented but cohesive overall image.
Prompt: Surrealistic 8K illustration,vibrant colors, intense colors, melting clock elements, surreal Salvador Dali-inspired style, intricate fur patterns, intense and piercing gaze, dreamlike atmosphere, high quality, ultra-detailed, surrealism,detailed fur, surreal atmosphere, intense eyes, dreamlike lighting
Prompt: Ai art apocalypse
Prompt: A abstract cut up painting with hidden messages and riddles placed on the image realism detailed textured painting of extraterrestrial aliens and space ships and talking trees with a Picasso style mixed with Salvador Dali style, poetry, a story told in the painting hidden objects although the painting like random 🙏 deep in the painting
Prompt: Add vivid color to this image