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ultra photo realistic, Perspective Camera Selfie: Lisa seen in frame; arm outstretched reaching up to hold the camera, Not showing hand, hand holding camera is too close and out of frame; background: side view of 3 other members of Blackpink kpop band, Rose, Jisoo, Jennie, perfect exposure, 8k resolution, wide angle lens, 8k, cyberpunk, photo, wallpaper, cinematic, poster, photo, dark fantasy
ultra photo realistic, Perspective Camera Selfi... [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper_7
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 509844990

Original image

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Prompt: lisa blackpink
Prompt: Blackpink
Prompt: A korean schoolgirl taking a selfie, long hair, monolids, around 15 of age, happy, looks realistic
Prompt: cute fashion, anime, four friends full body wearing fashion.
Prompt: Realistic Asian kpop girl full HD 4k wearing y2k clothes
Prompt: my model is a lisa blackpink
Prompt: A group of 23 year old Women wearing a white dresses sitting on chairs and smoking at a party, in a lounge, soft glow, medium distance shot from an angle
Prompt: Blackpink Rose cosplaying a cute anime girl full HD 4K highest quality realistic beautiful gorgeous natural
Prompt: Best quality,Masterpiece,High resolution,high detailed,Photorealistic,ultra highres,Raw photo,high quality,studio ,full portrait,(ulzzang),(perfect body), happy,korean,actress,luxury clothing ,tall,model,25 year old,4k,realistic,shadow,rim light,growing skin, make up, wearing casual long blazer, sitting on sofa,sharpen,leica,beautiful,smile
Prompt: Cute korean idol girl with freckles, blue eyes, red lips, pink cheeks, high bun, glowed curls, crucifix necklace, flowers in hair, earrings, diadem, tiara, magic tome, sequins, sparks. Intricate, detailed face, ((((((holy priest))))), ((((highly detailed priest dress)))), ((holy glow)), ((high fantasy background)). Isometric illustration, drawing, masterpiece, by Ilya Kuvshinov and Alphonse Mucha, dreamy, pastel colors, honey, candlelight, fine details, ((detailed face)), perfect faces, highly detailed eyes, 4k.
Prompt: A Japanese woman around her female friends
Prompt: A beautiful Japanese girl with a thicc slender body, black hair, and ((blue eyes.))) in pink glitter hot cutout dress and in pink glitter gloves long body
Prompt: Die pandemic stylized, smooth and sharp, cinematic, hyper realistic UHD, hd , 8k, , Very detailed, panned out view with whole character in from, a chocolate skinned, long wild hairstyles, HD, group of woman dancing at the club, big speakers Blasting music,  geek chic, perfect image, perfect model glamour faces, pastel outfits
Prompt: Blackpink jennie
Prompt: anime,loli,lolita,goth,backroom
Prompt: Feat Blackpink with BTS
Prompt: emo girl
Prompt: beautiful face, cinematic lighting, indoor,semi-realistic anime girl, skin highlights, hair highlights, sweat, blushing, movie scene, glamour, wonderful face, very detailed face, extremely detailed face, highly detailed face, soft smile, happy, perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect teeth, perfect body, perfect anatomy, beautiful body, trending on instagram, trending on tiktok, trending on artstation, trending on cgsociety, white sclera, photorealistic, masterpiece, cinematic, 16k artistic photography, epic, drama, romance, glamour, beauty, cinematic lighting, dramatic lighting, insanely detailed, soft natural volumetric cinematic lighting, award-winning photography, rendering, hd, high definition, highly detailed
Prompt: Blackpink Rose cosplaying a cute anime girl full HD 4K highest quality realistic beautiful gorgeous natural
Prompt: 一人の少女がマイクロビキニを着用しています
Prompt: Full body, masterpiece, hyper-realistic detailed photography of 4 beauty girls, beautiful lisa, jennie, jisoo, rose park from Blackpink, kpop, idol, tattoo, wearing a red t-shirt with bluejeans and military boots, look from below,   

symmetricaly detailed face, perfect face feature, detailed eyes, slightly cute look, lips straight, hugeboobs, detailed long bob hair, slim natural body, hugeboobs, natural detailed body feature, proportional body, fit body, proportional legs, 

256k, high res, HQ, HD (photorealistic:1.4), by Morgan Norman, Fuji X-E3 with Fujinon XF35 f/2 lens, perfect composition, dynamic lighting, perfect angle, focus on face, looking from below, a , dark and rainy night, cinematic lighting, Hyperrealism, ultra highres, photorealistic, 8k, photography, slightly cute look, lips straight, raised left eyebrow, wearing nothing, hugeboobs, pearl earings, orange eyes
Prompt: lisa blackpink
Prompt: Realistic Asian girl full HD 4k wearing y2k clothes