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kequing genshin impact
kequing genshin impact [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 5739951
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Prompt: Fate Zero
Prompt: Sakigake!! Otokojuku
Prompt: Mongolian anime character in demon slayer
Prompt: In genshin impact the character Keqing
Prompt: Overdetailed Photorealistic Portrait Inspired by (Kenpachi From the Anime Bleach), Shinigami, Detailed BonKai! Demon Face, Black hair, Detailed Hands, Splatters of blood on Anime Bleach Captains Uniform, Intricately Detailed, Award Winning, Photograph, Film Quality
Prompt: Kais said
Prompt: Sakigake!! Otokojuku
Prompt: Naruto
Prompt: Judge in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure art style
Prompt: deku as a sensei
Prompt: Think of the anime demonslayer kimitsu no yaiba and make a fale character that is a hashira of ghost
Prompt: Zenitsu doping the nasty things with nezuko
Prompt: Male anime ,style by Akira Amano concept art, digital painting, looking into camera, soft light
Prompt: Make Kimimaro alternative ending where he becomes leader of the Otsutsuki with all new dojutsu and genjutsu powers, in his full form. Give him Otsutsuki appearance with the bone abilities and new dojutsu eyes and genjutsu. Make it look legit like in Boruto anime.
Prompt: Ichigo Kurosaki, detailed
Prompt: Yourichi moved with the elegance of a fine dancer (her hair flowed like a a stream in River. Her hair is a beautiful toasted black, as her caramal skinrflects light, she's taller than Izuku. Yellow eyes). She bounced in and out of Izuku's( a little shorter than 5’10 Yourichi, his green hair is a bush, pushing out from all sides. He wears a black martial Gi with the top rushedly taken off pale, Japanese skin. onyx eyes.) field of vision as her fist struck with lion's fury right into Izuku's chest, flinging him backward. Izuku coughed as the strike hit Izuku's diaphragm, knocking the wind out of him. When Yuroichi said to come at her with everything he had, Izuku didn't think his master would beat him like a pig. 

Bruises riddle his face and arm, and chest. Blaring red pain pulsates in the affected parts of his body. Izuku's limbs are crying, begging him to halt the punishment. But Izuku couldn't. It has only been two hours since the beginning of their duel. One could barely call it a duel. Yourichi has not broken a sweat, and fatigue is nowhere to be found in her grinning face. She barely moved from her spot. 

Izuku picks himself up from the sparring mats once more. His knees trembled. His vision faded in and out. Izuku shook his head, "One more time," Izuku coughed quietly. Yoruichi signals for him to attack her. 

One foot forward almost collapses Izuku, but he catches himself. All he could think of was fighting his master. He blinks. Yourichi is gone with her first driving up his chest. She appears behind Izuku. Izuku threw his arms in a desperate defense as her leg came at him in a wide arc. Yourichi's kick knocked his arms away and smashed Izuku into the mats. The bones of his arms shake as if they're going to shatter.
Prompt: Naruto punching sasuke in the face
Prompt: My hero academia reimagined. masked vigilante deku villain versus bakugo. Fighting. Blood spatters. Very Dark image with lots of shadows. Background partially destroyed neo Tokyo. Noir anime. Gritty. Dirty. Detailed. Accurate. Perfect.
Prompt: Naruto and sasuke  huigging detailed
Prompt: Naruto saving Sasuke from Orochimaru
Prompt: 5011 is here. Zebbu ryu red is here. 
Everything is coming back! 
The dragons and Damon's
Prompt: My hero academia
Prompt: My hero academia bakugo as villain. Fighting. Blood spatters. Very Dark image with lots of shadows. Background partially destroyed neo Tokyo. Noir anime. Gritty. Dirty. Detailed. Accurate. Perfect.
Prompt: Male (spiky black hair and white multicolor hair) (Purple eyes)UHD, 8K, highly detailed, insane detail
Prompt: A design for a shirt from Jujutsu kaisen where Gojo is performing magic