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Lauriel Azriella

Lauriel Azriella


8k, realistic,ultra hd, detail eyes,detail hair, ai music, beautiful girl, cyber punk,neko headset,light,music city,siting,facing forward
8k, realistic,ultra hd, detail eyes,detail hair... [more]
Model: SG161222/Realistic_Vision_V2.0
Width: 432Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1090068583
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Prompt: cyberpunk hacker female, colored hair, headphones, neon lights, cyberpunk city, highly detailed, professional, render, Sharp focus, HD, UHD, HDR, hyperrealistic
Prompt: Beautiful, anime girl, cyberpunk, full view, brunette, multicolored hair, standing on the edge of a building looking out into a cyberpunk city at night, detailed, perfect body, front view, looking at camera, perfect jawline, beautiful eyes, masterpiece, detailed and intricate background, full view, front view, enormous athletic body, medium sized bust, sharp eyes, buzzed hair, dynamic, razor sharp foccus, oil painting, ultra realism, amazing art, amazing foccus, (masterpiece), volumetric lighting, vivid colors, UHD, 16k, HDR, ((((best quality)))), ((( (extreme details)))), mechanically enhanced face and body, cyberpunk edgerunners, perfect skin, crystal blue eyes, black shoes, pixie haircut, intricate human face, intricate eyes, anime eyes, perfect facial foccus, perfect face, beautiful artwork, glossy skin, cyberpunk jacket, heavy eyeshadow, Very detailed, Very detailed, hyperrealistic detail, futuristic mech jacket, hyper realistic shading, cybernetic body enhancement, dystopian futuristic background cybernetic outfit, mech clothing enhancements, masculine haircut, male haircut, short male haircut, wide eyes, human eyes, beautiful woman’s face, mechanical face, smiling facial expression, robotic eyes, bulky cyberpunk headphones with robotic cat ears,
Prompt: 1 girl, photo realistic portrait of a girl with futuristic outfit, intricate sleek and transparent style. She has young and beautiful face, pink short hair with blunt bangs, narrow waist,  thin thigh. The outfit with style of evangelion and cyberpunk
Prompt: 8k, realistic,ultra hd,detail hair, ai music, beautiful girl, cyber punk,neko headset,light,music city,sitting,facing forward, full body
Prompt: Anime illustration of a young, attractive woman,wearing futuristic clothes sitting on lap of large female robot,mechsuit, cyberpunk setting, colorful lights, happy and cheerful, vibrant, detailed hair and outfit, high quality, anime, colorful, cheerful, urban setting, detailed character design, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: cyber punk, insanely beautiful 16 year old girl. black with pink streaks , one side shaved bob cut hair.  wearing black visor. perfect grey eyes. perfect anatomy. symmetrically perfect face. hyper realistic. soft colours. no extra limbs or hands or fingers or legs or arms.
Prompt: UHD, hd , 8k,  anime, hyper realism, Very detailed, zoomed out view, futuristic cityscape, Star Wars, holding a lightsaber behind her back, concept art, clear visible face, full character in view, clear visible face, Hyper realistic cartoon style of beautiful woman, happy face expression
Prompt: ((high-quality)) ((high-detail)) ((highly-detailed)). cyberpunk, an augmented female {bbw}, sorceress. wearing a dress and sunglasses, a hologram, purple 
leather body suit, pixel sort, triadic colors, checkered pattern. posing for a picture. rpg art. 2d. 2d art.
Prompt: Cyberpunk female, blue hair, blue suit
Prompt: 8k, realistic,ultra hd, ai music, beautiful girl, cyber punk costum ,headset,music city,siting
Prompt: Photo of a female cyberpunk with green eyes, with auburn hair, Neon Blue Light, In a City Background with a dark color scheme, 3/4 View, Cyberpunk 2077 style
Prompt: real life photo, a female cyborg, ghost in the shell, high details, realistic, professionally colour graded, photorealism, 8k, pixiv, tumblr, instagram, deviantart, art by sakimi chan
Prompt: 8k, realistic,ultra hd, detail eyes,detail hair, ai music, beautiful girl, cyber punk,neko headset,light,music city,siting,facing forward
Prompt: {{{{highest quality full body centered masterpiece}}}} oil painting, 
perfect face and perfect body with perfect anatomy and perfect composition approaching perfection, 

perfect hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed full body of wearing futuristic cyberpunk outfit with soft skin attractive beautiful gorgeous cute stunning feminine 22 year old enchanted with 
{{straight layered cut cloudy white hair}} 
{{a pink eyes}} 
and beautiful gorgeous cute stunning feminine face and red blush cheeks and cute smile, 

warm soft background, 

hyperrealism with hyperrealistic intricate details, 
anime vibes, 
cinematic volumetric dramatic 
dramatic studio 3d glamour lighting, 
backlit backlight, 
128k UHD HDR HD, 
front view professional photography long shot, 
unreal engine octane render trending on artstation, 

triadic colors, sharp focus, occlusion, centered, symmetry, ultimate, shadows, highlights, contrast,
Prompt: [[[[[[[[Rogue Ghost based prompt]]]]]]]] a cyberpunk styled human cyborg with cute female face, young schoolgirl wearing futuristic tactical headphones, armored tight blazer with golden and silver decorations, iron pleated mini skirt, red neon eyes, panned out view of the character, visible full body, neon light cyberpunk city street background, cyberpunk police car, futuristic high colar cyber tech, UHD, 8K, highly detailed