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A woman

Composition: Portrait
Width: 432Height: 768
Seed: 1877634951

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Prompt: upskirt photoshoot of a strong independent attractive ((arrogant)) asian (((boss babe))), wearing bronze jacket, white shirt, and short leather mini skirt, holds an expensive bag on one hand, and a smartphone in another hand, (((detailed hands))), ((((detailed fingers)))), perfect anatomy, anatomically correct, proud feminine, female empowerment, highly detailed oil painting, elegant lady, beauty and perfect airbrush art, flawless skin, woman portrait, beauty, realistic, beautiful hair, tom bagshaw style face by Anna dittmann, gil elvgren , artgerm, catrin welz-stein, Viktoria Gavrilenko. Best quality
Prompt:  Top blouse [white with black star in chest], trousers prince of Wales baggy, boots new rock, belt diecel, gucci outfit, di lorenzo styles, y2k hairstyle, eyerwear platinum, glasses platinum, lolipop, black hair, thin, petite, model, iconic model, face visible, high quality, photorealism, chromatic, lens distortion, sharp focus, highest detail. Cybercore, core, dreamcore, softcore, gorpcore, y2k, y3k, 2000s, cybercore outfits.
Prompt: extremely sweaty girl :: white T-shirt soaked with sweat :: white panties soaked with sweat :: no other clothes :: hair matted with sweat :: skin dripping
Prompt: thumb
Prompt: Beautiful  woman in bikini holding an elaborate motor cycle helmet
Prompt: Only Fans model, modest and beautiful, christian garment, light brown long curly hair, brown eyes, white skin tone, short girl, in Greece, God fearing woman, virtuous, feminine features and dignity.
Prompt: Jacket with tie and sunglasses