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Prompt: 2euro
Prompt: Casino roulette several green boxes with a zero in it
Prompt: the world with a chain wrapped around,
Prompt: planet similar to earth
Prompt: The beautiful earth created by God
Prompt: sunshine and rainbows
Prompt: traveling through the world
Prompt: Indian flag with Indian freedom struggle
Prompt: create an picture combining the power of medical diagnostics with AI. use dna based diagnostics
Prompt: histone modifications and chromatin
Prompt: New flag for iran
Prompt: british flag gold and silver gilded background backdrop
Prompt:  a DNA strand opening a portal, flying through space, in a transparent capsule, digital art
Prompt: artifical intelligence, european union regulation, aivengers wins
Prompt: poker
Prompt: gold
Prompt: 3d moon and star.
Prompt: London Big Ben
Prompt: excesieve amount off gold coins raining from height gold coins are close to each other some bounce off the ground in front of a white background
Prompt: bitcoin finance rich