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Prompt: Historical and popular Tunisian places blending, faded backdrop, vibrant, detailed, high quality, digital art, seamless transition, traditional and modern mix, warm tones, soft lighting, ancient architecture, iconic landmarks, intricate details
Prompt: Johnny Sins cultivating cannabis in space station, futuristic aeroponic system, ISS setting, high-tech equipment, astronaut uniform, cannabis plants in zero gravity, detailed facial features, professional 3D rendering, sci-fi, high quality, futuristic, zero gravity, aeroponic system, ISS setting, detailed astronaut uniform, high-tech equipment, cannabis cultivation, futuristic space station, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: ((By Jabari Khalfani))
Prompt: night sky with a red super moon
Prompt: filipina looking at her mobile phone with a smirk while inside a coffee shop
Prompt: louds and lace, 432hz, healing sound, healthy light, airy boba, pearls, diamonds and crystals, all in light source, 5D lamp. Tree of life in gold with sprinkles on the tree, inside the glowing circle, a cute window frame in a mirror mosaic in 3 layers, some pieces have fallen tossed in the foreground, magical starry space, glowing night, starry sky in the moonlight, sparkles magic property, hyper detail and AI super quality, hyper detail equipment, 32k, Accurate Anatomy, Enchant Color, Dynamic Lighting, illustration, painting, fashion, 3d render...  in the foreground, the tree of life, a tree surrounded by triangles, circles of different material, size and material, in a circle 3D 82K, mirror mosaics, diamonds, precious stones and pearls, as if from interplanetary travels. Two people passionately embracing the trunk, sculpture, hands in the air, bent, tree branches form from them, natural, artistic, cinema, photo, illustration, pastel tones, gray and white, creamy with gilded veins, marble, mixed different styles. Background, behind tree, space, cosmic universe, space colors, with planets, stars, gaseous, lace nebula, diamonds, pearls, soap bubbles, tree glows...clouds and lace, 432hz, healing sound, healthy light, airy boba, pearls, diamonds and crystals, all in light source, 5D lamp. space, the universe is divided in half by an invisible, transparent plate, a sudden explosion splits it and the fragments spread throughout the universe in the air, Ultra HD, Realistic, Vibrant Colors, Highly Detailed, UHD Drawing, Pen and Ink, Perfect Composition, Beautiful, Detailed, Insanely Detailed Octane Rendering Trend at Art Station, 8K artistic photography the fragments reflect starlight, the light of the planets, gases, lacy fog columns wind through 82k, illustration, product, fashion, cinematic, 3d render, painting, anime
Prompt: A 28 year intermediate dark complexion girl wearing a classic fully locked high collared pink cropped satin. In front of garden.highly sophisticated
Prompt: A 25 years intermediate dark complexion girl , buttoned up collared shirt, long hair, looking at viewer, realistic, shirt, simple background, smile, solo, teeth, upper body, white shirt, wing collar
Prompt: night sky with a red super moon
Prompt: enhanced bread fluffiness
Prompt: Samurai logo, cool looking, brand identity, dark themed, illustration, black, purple, pink flowers
Prompt: Three boys two girls running towards the lake.  Jumping into glittering water.    From bottom view up from their leg.   Full detail body view.   Water colour.  Far away jetty and pelican
Prompt: use this picture to underline the importance to invest in your future via trainings and education and how it can help in the growth of  a company
Prompt: Regal, loyal, liege lord hamster, ancient sacred teachings, common man, grandiose depiction, high-res, detailed fur, regal attire, historical art style, warm and golden tones, majestic lighting, loyal expression, intricate tapestries, ornate surroundings
Prompt: 3 groups of men engaged in intense battle on ascended planes, surreal digital art, high-res, detailed, dynamic action, dramatic lighting, futuristic, intense energy, vibrant colors, epic showdown, ethereal atmosphere, professional digital rendering, intense battle, surreal, ascended planes, dynamic composition, dramatic lighting, futuristic, vibrant colors, professional, high-res
Prompt: astronaut crossing a bridge made of neural network. The bridge is connecting earth to galaxies
Prompt: Parrot talking , in a  cage
Prompt: futuristic township shack development
Prompt: Victorian black Rabbit portrait in a suit CUTTING A STEAK.

high resolution, 4k, detailed, high quality, professional, A2 portrait
Prompt: Create an incredibly detailed, black and white line illustration intended for an adult coloring book. The central figure should be a beautiful, majestic goddess, referred to as the 'Holy Mother of the Midnight'. She is not related to any existing religious figures but is deeply associated with celestial and nocturnal elements. She is enveloped in a shroud of darkness and under a new moon, surrounded by countless stars. Build this concept art in a fantasy setting with deep, complementary colors and intricate detail, emulating the look of a matte painting.
Prompt: Detailed DND halfing waife in medieval city landscape, darkbrown hair, rugged clothes, German black spitz sitting beside, murky lighting, medieval streets, medieval buildings, many inhabitants in background, high quality, detailed, medieval, fantasy, detailed hair, traditional, atmospheric lighting, detailed scenery
Prompt: 2D digital art of a beautiful brown-skinned woman, standing on top of a plinth in a jungle temple, blank expression, arms at side, temple setting, detailed physique with subtle fragility, red loincloth, serene lighting, high quality, temple, detailed physique, brown skin, serene, digital art, subtle fragility, blank expression, red loincloth
Prompt: Alissa White Gluz, Detailed DnD fantasy art of a heroic female dnd ranger, immensive thick long exuberant light-iceblue hair, black eyes, smoky black eye make-up, black eyeliner, visible six-pack belly,  traditional detailed painting, detailed intricate bellyfree huge brown in darkgreen fantasy leather armour, visible black leather trousers, dramatic lighting, vibrant colors, high quality, game-rpg style, epic high fantasy, traditional art, dramatic dark lighting, fascinating, dark gloomy vibrant colors, high quality details, dramatic lighting, vibrant colors, high quality, game-rpg style, epic fantasy, traditional art, dramatic lighting, fascinating, low body fat, vibrant colors, high quality details, dark gloomy, high quality details, small shoulder armor, small bracers, small cleavage, in a Huge very detailed DnD forest landscape with a murky ambiente, atmospheric lighting, highres, fantasy, detailed trees and detailed bushes, Birds and butterflies are flying around immersive, murky tones, mysterious, foggy, gloomy moody atmosphere
Prompt: futuristic johannesburg
Prompt: black guys picking up cotton from the field , while a white guy, holding a old pistol
Prompt: The road runs through a green forest with a flowing stream
Prompt: a perfectly lit shot of  a 25 kg plastic sack of salt, studio enviroment, white background, photorealistic, make it as a mock-up photo
Prompt: Cinematic 8k photo of Beautiful auburn hair green-eyed intricate face curvaceous young Bond Villain woman in denim jacket, white beret, green blouse, black leather skirt and boots, aiming a gun, Berlin side street, highres, 8k, Hollywood action, intense expression, dramatic lighting, detailed clothing, action hero, film noir, dark tones, urban setting
Prompt: Angel, demon, crown chakra, battling spirits, young man's mind, sleep, spiritual warfare, ethereal, high quality, detailed, surreal, mystical, spiritual, fantasy, glowing aura, celestial beings, dreamlike, intense gaze, flowing robes, luminous wings, otherworldly, vibrant colors, atmospheric lighting, epic battle, spiritual intervention