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In this photorealistic painting, we encounter a mesmerizing woman named Aria, portrayed by the talented artist Mei Chen. Aria hails from a distant land, and her appearance is a captivating blend of elegance and allure. Aria stands alone in a dreamlike scene, emitting an aura of tranquility tinged with a subtle touch of melancholy. Her warm brown eyes hold a hint of wistfulness, drawing the viewer into her world of emotions.
In this photorealistic painting, we encounter a mesmerizing woman named Aria, portrayed by the ta... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1663668562

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Prompt: Ethereal Woman Beautiful Flowers Goddess japanese
Prompt: (masterpiece) (very sharp) (4K UHD) (best quality) (hyper realistic).  Woman into japanese hot springs, extremely detailed face, extremely detailed eyes, absolutely real, extremely detailed hair, dragon braid hairstyle, 3D illustration, extremely detailed lips, extraordinary beauty, cherry blossom background, waterfall background, extremely detailed tattoo art, grey eyes, nature colors.
Prompt: A boatful blossom goddess, wearing a Chinese style veiling skirt, half body shot, cherry blossom scene, pink color palettes, watercolor painting, highly detailed, illustration, stunning, fantasy, unreal engine, cinematic lighting, mist, octane render, --ar 2:3 – style raw  --s 750 –image #3 @alextzj
Prompt: (masterpiece) (highly detailed) (top quality) (cinematic shot)  anime style, front view, goddess of dark forest,realistic, instagram able, 1girl with elf ears walking into the forest, reflections, depth of field, 3D illustration, professional work, long hair, blonde hair, centered shot from below, dark blue eyes, cherry blossom dark forest, sunlight background, calling us to folow her.
Prompt: Wanda Gág, Japanese anime, Surreal, mysterious, strange, fantastical, absurd, fantasy, Sci-fi fantasy, forest where gods and spirits live, solo girl, beautiful perfect voluminous body, encounter with mysterious birds, summoning ritual of wind spirit, trial of dreams and illusions shown by the snake god, hyperdetailed high resolution high definition high quality masterpiece
Prompt: Kate Greenaway, Charles Robinson, Japanese anime,surreal, mysterious, strange, fantastical, fantasy, Sci-fi fantasy, solo beautiful girl, perfect voluminous body, the end of a thousand hands, the unreachable hand of darkness, the invisible archer of heaven, the path that sheds light, the wind that fuels the flames, detailed, high resolution definition quality masterpiece, depth of field, focus, cinematic lighting,