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Red dress
Red dress [more]
Made by: Creative variations
Subject Description: Red dress
Similarity: Very creative
Style: Default
Width: 360Height: 768
Seed: 993941256

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Prompt: a woman with  brown eyes, lots of turquiose a gold jewelry, pretty makeup
Prompt: A beautiful 25 year old female model posing for a photo shoot, warm lighting, ultrawide photo
Prompt: Beautiful ethereal woman. color scheme of tuquoise and red. facial closeup
Prompt: create a mesmerizing image of a woman's face with symmetrical features, prominent cheekbones, captivating eyes, full and inviting lips, flawless skin, and luscious, elegantly styled hair, exuding a sense of stunning beauty and timeless allure that is impossible to resist
Prompt: Beautiful and charming
Prompt: fantasy, D&D, medieval, armor, UHD, 8k, high quality, ultra quality, perfect composition, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, cinematic lighting, special effects, hyper realism, hyper realistic, oil painting, Very detailed, full body, full view of character, portrait
Prompt: Glamour shot photo, full body of a woman who resembles Madelaine Petsch with blue eyes, smooth soft skin, laying back on her Burgundy Samuel Tufted Roll Arm Chaise Lounge, comfortably looking into the camera, gentle smile, fine textured shiny wavy hair, centered in frame, symmetrical face, bbw, perfect body, 85mm lens, f8, photography, ultra details, HQ, 8K, soft light, blurry background, photo, lit by candlelight
Prompt: Glamorous stylishly beautiful and alluring; attractive in a romantic, fascinating and mysterious way; chic. Good-looking attractive or pleasing in appearance; beautiful; handsome. Gorgeous dazzlingly beautiful; highly attractive and/or pleasant.
Prompt: 3/4 head shoot: A beautiful young lady, beautiful face, wearing opalescent black dress in a ghostly forest of white stem trees with red leaves, god rays through the tees, rim lighting art by Brandon Woelfel, Albert Watson,  Yves Saint-Laurent, Thomas Edwin Mostyn, Hiro isono, James Wilson Morrice, Axel Scheffler, Gerhard Richter, pol Ledent, Robert Ryman. Guache Impasto and volumetric lighting. 3/4 portrait, Mixed media, elegant, intricate, beautiful, award winning, fantastic view, 4K 3D, high definition, hdr, focused, iridescent watercolor and ink