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watercolor halloween night landscape
watercolor halloween night landscape [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 30Steps: 55
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1858172187
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Prompt: Lisa frank style of Halloween Town diorama
Prompt: Halloween spooky dark aesthetic
Prompt: detailed halloween background with strewn flowers. horror atmosphere with dark colors
Prompt: Comic style art from my image. Halloween theme. Retro colors.
Prompt: Lisa frank style Halloween diorama
Prompt: Gothic Edgar Allan Poe Halloween background
Prompt: Halloween
Prompt: "Black and white sketch of spooky house, bright orange pumpkins sit on iron fence, crows and ravens, sharp lines, 16k resolution, sinister vibe, Karol Bak volumetric lighting Hyperrealistic, concept, intricately detailed,"
Prompt: kids illustration, spooky Halloween with ghost pumpkin bats and old house in background, cartoon style, thick lines, vivid color --ar 85:110
Prompt: Lisa frank style Halloween diorama
Prompt: Halloween  forest with witch painting house
Prompt: Giant jack-o'-lantern, cute bat, Halloween night
Prompt: Imagine a bewitching Halloween night with a twist of elegance. Design a digital heart showcasing graceful witches, mysterious black cats, and haunted mansions bathed in the ethereal glow of a harvest moon. Make it breathtakingly beautiful
Prompt: Halloween
Prompt: Lisa frank style of Halloween Town diorama
Prompt: Background:
   - Dark and spooky
   - Moonlit night
   - Haunted house silhouette

Main Graphics:
   - Jack-o'-lanterns
   - Witch on a broomstick
   - Bats flying
   - Ghosts
   - Skeletons

   - Black
   - Orange
   - Purple
   - Green
   - White (for contrast)

Additional Elements:
   - Spider webs
   - Creepy trees
   - Gravestones
   - Candy corn

20 oz tumbler
Prompt: Spooky Halloween
Prompt: make a poster about halloween with scary things in it
without words in it
Prompt: halloween