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digital workplace image displaying two Somali entrepreneurs, a man and a woman, in separate workstations within a modern office setting. They should exude confidence while professionally using laptops and tablets. The woman should be wearing a headscarf, and both individuals should be dressed formally. The image should be 1200 x 628 pixels.
digital workplace image displaying two Somali e... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 139445952
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Prompt: Teacher is discussing test results with university students
Prompt: Incorporate new business
Prompt: visually represents the importance of integrity and transparency in business practices
Prompt: Seven African Americans writing a movie screenplay in a large room with a large blank whiteboard. Two of them have laptops. Color photo taken by a Hasselblad camera. Lavendar soft wash lighting in the top right corner. Cyan soft wash lighting in the bottom left corner. Brighter warm soft lighting from the front.
Prompt: A teacher is teaching in a class with a smile
Prompt: a hijabi wearing bikini in class
Prompt: business co-workers are in a meeting with respecful smile on their faces
Prompt: A female MC, face focus, at the office desk
Prompt:  A split screen. On one side, a student at a desk surrounded by books, papers, and a laptop. On the other, the same student laughing with friends, playing a sport, and enjoying a hobby.]
"Capture a candid and vibrant moment in a corporate oasis: Five individuals, the heart of collaboration, gathered around a sleek meeting table in a sophisticated, sunlit boardroom. Let the image exude the spirit of cooperation as three accomplished women and two distinguished men engage in meaningful discourse. Their diverse personalities and work styles shine through as they exchange ideas, each contributing their unique perspective with unwavering respect. The daylight streaming through the large windows casts a warm glow, symbolizing transparency and openness. Through this photograph, encapsulate the essence of a harmonious, forward-thinking meeting where the power of diversity and teamwork is both seen and felt
Prompt: smart Indian Lady IT professions with a  laptop
Prompt: imagine une scène dans une entreprise prospère où la productivité est à son apogée. Décrivez cette scène pour montrer des employés africains engagés et motivés en veste travaillant ensemble efficacement. Vous pouvez inclure des éléments tels que des écrans d’ordinateur affichant des tableaux de bord de performances, Réunions d’équipe productives, Des outils technologiques de pointe et une atmosphère collaborative.
Prompt: A happy person looking at a laptop and seeing that their sales are going. Modern office open plan office.
Prompt: A woman picture sating in office meeting
Prompt: boring work meeting with people looking very bored and sleepy
Prompt: business meeting
Prompt: tech employee doesn't want to go back to the office because of one coworker's noxious BO
Prompt: a business person sitting in an office looking happy
Prompt: An African CEO gazing at a spreadsheet
Prompt: A happy university student is listening to the lecture
Prompt: A diverse group of investors shaking hands with Prompt Engineers, symbolizing a collaborative journey towards mutual success