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Businessman's Surreal World
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an ethereal businessman's face, enveloped in gradient-micro-lightning. The environment around him blends inspirations from Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Psychedelic, and Chiaroscuro art, weaving them into a slightly more intricate tapestry.
an ethereal businessman's face, enveloped in gr... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1024Height: 1024
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Prompt: In a luminous world, a Caucasian man's sentiments radiate through vibrant colors and gleaming metals on his skin. Each emotion, whether elation or melancholy, stands out, challenging the typical boundaries of emotional display and vulnerability.
Prompt: Horror, Eerie, Spooky psychedelic 
 cinematic, Nebula, 3D, HD, spiral galaxy eye, hyper realistic, 8K --s98500
Prompt: An illustration depicting a face of a man with East Asian descent with a glowing effect over his head. The background showcases a detailed sky filled with colorful, psychedelic manga-style explosions.
Prompt: the abstract work has a man standing in the front of the city, in the style of cristina mcallister, retro-futurism, realistic hyper-detailed portraits, joel robison, sky-blue and bronze, dmitry kustanovich, techpunk
Prompt: Render of a world where personal emotions and thoughts vividly shape one's facial appearance. Each inner sensation materializes into a fresh and lively facial portrayal, creating a kaleidoscope of human feelings.
Prompt: intricate details , Surrealistic 8K illustration,vibrant colors, intense colors, melting clock elements, surreal Salvador Dali-inspired style, intricate fur patterns, intense and piercing gaze, dreamlike atmosphere, high quality, ultra-detailed, surrealism,detailed fur, surreal atmosphere, intense eyes, dreamlike lighting
Prompt: A wide perspective capturing a humanoid figure that is a testament to advanced biomechanical engineering. The figure's face, adorned with silver and blue tech elements, stands out. Surrounding the central figure are apparitions, each radiating a pulsating neurocore energy. The scene seamlessly integrates elements of nature, like plants growing over tech, indicative of a solarpunk world.
Prompt: Oil painting of a majestic goddess inspired by psytrance music and culture. Her facial features are intricately detailed, capturing every emotion. The surrounding environment is a colorful blend of realism and fantasy, with each element meticulously crafted, reflecting the fantastic grotesque style.
Prompt: a digital screen print painting of sinusoidal patterns possessing intelligence, psychedelic artwork, caustic, visionary, wide perspective, digital airbrushing, detailed facial features, vibrant color gradients, schizowave, ultra detailed
Prompt: Surrealistic 8K illustration of an overdetailed, photorealistic illusion with intense and piercing gaze, vibrant and intense colors, Salvador Dali-inspired style, intricate fur patterns, melting clock elements, dreamlike, vibrant color palette, highres, ultra-detailed, photorealistic, surreal, Salvador Dali-inspired, intense gaze, intricate patterns, dreamlike, vibrant colors
Prompt: an illustration of a face with a glowing effect over his head, in the style of colorful explosions, 8k 3d, psychedelic manga, detailed skies in square ratio
Prompt: In vivid colors, a 3D figure emerges, radiating the brilliance of technological advancements. The facial expression stands out, showcasing intricate details. With styling cues from Daz3D, the figure intricately merges human anatomy with technological circuitry patterns. The presence of computer-aided manufacturing nuances enhances the overall design, imbuing it with symbolic depth.
Prompt: Wide depiction of a person's head in intricate detail, eyes aglow with an ethereal light. The image quality mirrors a 2021 cinematic 4k frame, set against a dramatic sky that seems to fracture. Ornate patterns adorn the figure, and floating embers drift in the atmosphere. The rendering, achieved with Unreal Engine, mimics the characteristics of a sigma 35mm capture. With an 8k film scan resolution, the artwork feels like a blend of modern technology and classical portraiture from historical epochs.
Prompt: oil painting of a person with thick afro hair, lost in a realm of psychedelic wonder, where orange hues merge with polka dots, and light battles with shadow for dominance.
Prompt: DMT Trip , soul journey through the universe , purpose of life.
Prompt: an illustration showing a man's face, in the style of psychedelic graphic design, color stripes, mandy disher, sunrays shine upon it, mind-bending sculptures, aaron douglas, optical illusion
Prompt: Artistic macro photo render capturing a transformative moment of a humanoid figure of Arctic Indigenous origin. The skin, an evolving tapestry, oscillates between its natural texture and pulsating digital patterns. As if caught between two worlds, her gaze pierces through the digital veil, inviting viewers into a realm where organic meets cybernetic. The backdrop is alive with swirling digital mists and luminescent threads, conjuring an ethereal fusion of past, present, and future.
Prompt: an illustration showing a man's face, in the style of psychedelic graphic design, color stripes, mandy disher, sunrays shine upon it, mind-bending sculptures, aaron douglas, optical illusion
Prompt: Imagine a world where humans and machines have become one. Illustrate a portrait that embodies this fusion, capturing the essence of both realms in harmony.
Prompt: Artistic rendering of a face where the eyes are the epicenter of dramatic smoke and explosions. The background is a blend of candycore and solarized colors, showcasing trapped emotions.
Prompt: will-o'-the-wisp:: a man with a colorful monster head, in the style of psychedelic overload, trick of the eye paintings, mark henson, swirling vortexes, emphasizes emotion over realism, chaotic energy, wormcore
Prompt: Oil Painting of Synesthetic Experience: A person of Asian descent with eyes closed, surrounded by vibrant colors that swirl around them. Each color represents a different musical note, creating a harmonious blend of sight and sound.
Prompt: man with fire swirling from his head, in the style of colorful cartoon, detailed skies, crisp neo-pop illustrations, honeycore, trapped emotions depicted, vibrant color fields, poured in square ratio
Prompt: styls, free images, in the style of sci-fi realism, red and amber, colorful portraits, hyper-detailed illustrations, solarizing master, ray tracing, painted illustrations in square ratio
Prompt: mind bending entity emerge in 16:9 ratio