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Digital art of an otherworldly landscape where an immense humanoid form is resting next to a tranquil body of water. Its head has been transformed into an aged TV, with a tiny urban sprawl emerging from it, intertwined with cords and satellite dishes. The screen vividly shows two surfers navigating a turbulent sea, and headphones are draped over the television.
Digital art of an otherworldly landscape where... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: A water goddess wrecking havoc on a city, photorealistic image, ultra realistic age, hd render
Prompt: A water goddess wrecking havoc on a city, photorealistic image, ultra realistic age, hd render
Prompt: Wide image of a surreal landscape taken to the extreme: Floating islands hover above a luminescent sea, where gigantic ethereal jellyfish swim alongside colossal whale-like creatures with wings. Above, the sky is a tapestry of cascading colors, with multiple moons of different sizes casting glows across the scene. In the distance, a towering waterfall seemingly pours from one of the floating islands, but instead of water, it's a cascade of shimmering stardust.
Prompt: fantasy world as a pinball game
Prompt: a beautiful cityscape surrounded by an ocean as it is consumed by a horrific demon of unfathomable appearance
Prompt: addicted to technology, surreal
Prompt: reality, parallax scrolling
Prompt: sea in out space
Prompt: wide view of a jesus and the twelve apostles playing guitars, at an exotic rooftop infinity pool, infinity vanishing point, cthulhu nebula background
Prompt: mankind surfing on a wave of consciousness
Prompt: oil painting of a robot amidst a surreal landscape, echoing the essence of avant-garde cinema with imaginative manipulation of perspective.
Prompt:  fantasy art style, painting, pipes, tubes, nuclear reactor, power plants, nuclear fusion, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear bombs, bombs, torpedoes, misiles, concrete, smog, fog, evil, misiles launching, warship, naval ship, boat, deep ocean, waves
Prompt: utopian heaven
Prompt: surreal weather report in wide ratio
Prompt: 'sea robot' by matt mcculloch, in the style of postmodern portraiture, 4k, cubo-futurism, vintage cinematic look, colorful caricature, george christakis, vhs
Prompt: A photograph of a vast digital ocean under a moonlit night. The water, with its deep blue and turquoise shades, ripples under the lunar glow. Rising from the depths, a robotic mermaid with opalescent eyes sings a haunting melody, her tail shimmering with bioluminescence. Around her, holographic coral reefs and underwater mountains form a mesmerizing seascape. Above, digital constellations tell tales of ancient mariners, with a sign labeled 'Lunar Lagoon' floating amidst the stars. Far away, a futuristic island with luminous palm trees and structures is visible. The shot focuses intensely on the mermaid, highlighting her ethereal beauty, while the vast ocean and island serve as a backdrop, making her the stunning focal point.
Prompt: Giant Monolith in the middle of the sea, cars, foxes, feathers, power efficient, Azure Ala, Alan wan, Kyle Hill
Prompt: blocked cascade of monsters
Prompt: Photo-realistic render of a fantastical vista where a titanic human entity lies languidly by a serene waterfront. Its head is intriguingly replaced by a retro television, from which a small cityscape ascends, ensnared in myriad wires and transmitters. The screen vividly captures two surfers in their element, and a pair of headphones dangle off the side.
Prompt: 3D render of an advanced civilization in the clouds, where bridges and pathways are made of solid musical notes. Travelers walk on them, and as they step, the notes beneath their feet dissolve into luminous mists, leaving trails of radiant colors.
Prompt: a floating city in the sky 8k