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Made by: Creative variations
Similarity: Creative
Style: Fantasy
Width: 512Height: 512
Seed: 2101103591

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Prompt: fantasy, UHD, 8k, high quality, ultra quality, perfect composition, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, cinematic lighting, special effects, hyper realism, hyper realistic, Very detailed, oil painting
Prompt: an elegant female elf with ornate hair and jewelry, bathing in a sparkling elven pool of shimmering water, god rays, hd, dynamic lighting,
Prompt: (masterpiece:1.2), best quality, absurdres, high detail, sharp focus, (photorealistic:1.2), (full body shot:0.5), A girl, arabian princess, ((Huge bust, wide hips, minuscule waist)), tan skin girl with a big chest, black hair, long wave hair, silver eyes, ahegao face, detailed black and gold tank top, full body, detailed robe, detailed castle background, volumetric lighting, global illumination, vivid color, reflection, soft shadow, depth of field, (epic pose, epic composition, epic proportion), (ultra detailed, finest detail, intricate)
Prompt: {{{{highest quality concept art masterpiece}}}} oil painting, {{visible textured brush strokes}},

hyperrealistic intricate perfect full body of flirtatious seductive attractive cute gorgeous beautiful stunning feminine 22 year anime like farm girl with 
{{hyperrealistic intricate perfect brown feather hair}} 
{{hyperrealistic perfect clear brown eyes}} 
and hyperrealistic intricate perfect seductive attractive cute gorgeous beautiful stunning feminine face wearing 
{{hyperrealistic intricate farmer outfit}}
 with deep exposed cleavage and visible abs,
soft skin and red blush cheeks and cute sadistic smile, 

perfect anatomy, perfect composition approaching perfection, 
{{seductive love gaze at camera}}, 

hyperrealistic intricate warm summer sunrise farm fields in background, {{sunrise}}, 

anime vibes, 
cinematic volumetric dramatic 
dramatic studio 3d glamour lighting, 
backlit backlight, 
128k UHD HDR HD, professional long shot photography, 
unreal engine octane render trending on artstation, 

triadic colors,
sharp focus, 
{{huge breast}}
Prompt: Photorealistic portrait of Princess Leia in her metal bikini, black hair, full body, gold bikini, ornate, alluring, empowering, 8k, trending on artstation
Prompt: (highest quality absolute best award-winning masterpiece),  fine resolutions, a beautiful Greek goddess, Aphrodite, a chest top image, regular features, background in the blue sky with a shining sun
Prompt: sunlight shading, illustration art, front, modern fashion, epic Instagram, artstation, hyperdetailed, unreal engine, modern anime style, anime face, complementary colors, 8k, deviantart masterpiece, oil painting, heavy strokes, woman, at the beach, brown curly hair, bikini, leaning against wooden pole, arm over head