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Artist Unknown AI

Artist Unknown AI


Illustration by Makoto shinkai & Ilya Kuvshinov, royal city, Kate Hudson wearing white mage hooded robe, long blonde hair, atmospheric, hyper realistic, 8k, epic composition, cinematic, octane render, 16K resolution, rendered in Enscape, Miyazaki, Nausicaa Ghibli, Breath of The Wild, 4k detailed post processing, artstation, focus, no blur
Illustration by Makoto shinkai & Ilya Kuvshinov... [more]

Negative prompt

deformed trees, blur, white light, broken objects, deformed stair, deformed hands, deformed faces, too many hands, too many fingers, deformed human face,
deformed trees, blur, white light, broken objec... [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 10Steps: 100
Sampler: Seed: 1913904810
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Prompt: {{{{highest quality absurdres best award-winning masterpiece}}}} best octane rendered stylized splashscreen videogame trailer digital oil art {{hyperrealistic stunning cinematic semi-anime waifu style}} closeup of hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed wonderful stunning beautiful angry fighting feminine 22 year {{female golden angel warrior}} with {{hyperrealistic white and blonde ombre hair}} and {{hyperrealistic perfect beautiful eyes}} wearing {{hyperrealistic perfect golden angel warrior armor with perfect wings}} with deep exposed visible cleavage and tight arousing abdomen, in {{hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed perfect 128k highest resolution definition fidelity UHD HDR}},
hyperrealistic intricately hyperdetailed wonderful natural beautiful stunning feminine anime waifu face with romance glamour soft skin and red blush cheeks and perfect angry fight face expression and {{seductive fierce love gaze at camera}},
hyperrealistic perfect posing body anatomy in perfect epic cinematic intimate stylized composition with perfect vibrant colors and perfect shadows, perfect professional sharp focus RAW photography with ultra realistic perfect volumetric dramatic soft 3d lighting, trending on instagram artstation with perfect intimate dramatic epic cinematic post-production, 
{{sexy}}, {{huge breast}}