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Master Obvious

Master Obvious

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Prompt: dungeons and dragons standing orc cultist warrior in a black armor with blue trim
Prompt: greed, fighter, gray skin, orc, magic weapon, fantasy art style, hi res, shadowy background, fantasy, D&D, detailed, atmospheric, fantasy art
Prompt: A Mighty Orc whom is a determined warrior living by the code, in ornate oil painting art style
Prompt: Concept art man orc fantasy world of Warcraft
Prompt: Orc, Mage: Mentalist, Young, with a Toothpick carved from a griffin bone hangin from his mouth, Ashy green complexion with big black eyes and a relaxed demeanor. Sports a dark amber tunic cinched with a gold sash.
Prompt: Half orc holding a great sword
Prompt: A guard is taken prisoner by an orc, mid-evil, fantasy,Gothic, high detailed, crisp, minimalistic
Prompt: <mymodel> A muscular orc male with a cleft chin and tusks protruding from his lower lip. He is bald and wears plate armor. He Carrie’s himself with dignity and is ready to fight to protect his friends. In the art style of Frank Frazetta.
Prompt: photo realistic full body, male orc general DnD character overlooking the battlefield, long  white hair, charismatic, radiating sparkeling magical waraxe,  oil painting, sharp lines, detailed face, perfect face, victorian style armor outfit, detailed, high quality, dark tones, danger lurking in the shadows,  ancient glowing runes, mysterious atmosphere, old world charm,