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Crazy art with ashke

Crazy art with ashke


total drama leshawna
total drama leshawna [more]
Model: AlbedoBase-XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 55368893

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Prompt: Cartoon chsracter Blonde  caucasian rainbow microbraided female revealing largrr cleavage from the ghetto hood
Prompt: SFW, Portrait, Village Skyline, Same Eye Color, Village Market Town Background, Perfect Composition, One Young Woman In Picture, 22 Year Old, She Should Look a Lot Like Alexandra Shipp, Cute Face, Big Smile On Her Lips, Desertwoman, Wholesome, Heartwarming, Cuter Animation Style, Lentimas Town Unova Inspired, Pueblo Architecture, 2D Style, Fantasy Arizona Inspired Background, Desertpunk, Cute Desert Aesthetic, Black Woman, X-Men 1997 Animation Style, Well Maintained Figure, Beige Brown Hair, Heavier Muscle Tone, Masterpiece, Strong Upper Body, Watercolor, Powerful Looking, Minimalistic, Lovely Looking, Realistic, Cute, Perfect Hand Composition, Arid Land Fantasy Desert Village, Grown Strong Body, Interesting, Womanly Composition, Sketch, Same Hairstyle, Same Composition, Thick Dark Black Eyebrows Only, Abs, Colorful, Grown Woman, Stockier Body, Stockier Arms, Adorable Alexandra Shipp, Brown Very Curly Hairstyle, Medium Hairstyle Only, Full Lips, Detailed Face, Brown Skin, Wearing a Patterned Desert Dress, Dress Should Resemble a Dirndl, Tougher Build, Textured Looking Dress, Colorful Detailed Patterns On Dress, Lithe Body, Flattering, 1990's Looking, Made By Squirt_rash_24.