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Carlos Correia

Carlos Correia

Made by: Outpainting

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Prompt: an owl
Prompt: Adorable illustration of two owls, soft pastel colors, dreamy forest setting, ultra-detailed feathers, big expressive eyes, whimsical, high quality, pastel colors, dreamy lighting
Prompt: As we pulled up outside a barn near an old stump of a tree where the parent owls had been nesting, there perched on a piece of machinery at the entrance to the barn was one of them. With a number of rather tall weeds growing towards its entrance, it was a perfect shot. The parent was presumably on guard, as most of the fledglings were inside the barn.
Prompt: beautiful realistic owl ,owl gaurdian blue eyes ,night crawler beautiful owl
Prompt: Wise red eye owl realistic graveyard background in a tree
Prompt: Owls of light warriors
Prompt: an owl