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bagshmn info

bagshmn info


A female teacher in a Mongolian white shirt is teaching and white headphones an online lesson at a white table on a laptop in a modern, elegant white house room with sunlight streaming in from a large window.
A female teacher in a Mongolian white shirt is teaching and white headphones an online lesson at... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1726457283

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Prompt: Picture of a woman from the back sitting at a desk in a office, laptop open her smartphone in her hands
Prompt: woman typing on laptop in her office, bookshelves in background,  bokeh
Prompt: web developer using macbook pro and listen music with coffee
Prompt: Create an image of a programmer working at their desk. The setting should be a modern, well-lit home office. The programmer is seated at a desk with a dual-monitor setup, displaying lines of code and a software development environment. They are focused, wearing casual attire—perhaps a hoodie and jeans—with headphones on. The desk is organized but shows signs of use, with a coffee mug, a notebook, and some tech gadgets (like a smartphone and external hard drive) scattered around. In the background, there’s a bookshelf with programming books, some potted plants, and a large window letting in natural light. The overall mood should be productive and tech-savvy.
Prompt: asian guy with headphones on ear studying in room with computer, large window with rain outside, coffee on desk, dog near him
Prompt: A virtual assistant at work
Prompt: A photo of woman work at the her office
Prompt: Image from the side of pretty woman in her thirties studying what is on her computer screen and taking notes.  
She is in a cheerful home office.  She is wearing a brown tee shirt,
Prompt: A mom at home in her living room is chatting with an online therapist on her laptop and the therapist is visible on the screen