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Данил Рябков

Данил Рябков


Create an image of a programmer working at their desk. The setting should be a modern, well-lit home office. The programmer is seated at a desk with a dual-monitor setup, displaying lines of code and a software development environment. They are focused, wearing casual attire—perhaps a hoodie and jeans—with headphones on. The desk is organized but shows signs of use, with a coffee mug, a notebook, and some tech gadgets (like a smartphone and external hard drive) scattered around. In the background, there’s a bookshelf with programming books, some potted plants, and a large window letting in natural light. The overall mood should be productive and tech-savvy.
Create an image of a programmer working at their desk. The setting should be a modern, well-lit h... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1061128046

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Prompt: A guy wearing a hoody sitting in comfy chair while coding in a well lit room
Prompt: cartoon programmer, sitting at a desk coding on a detailed laptop, focused expression, (realistic, photorealistic:2.5), ultra-detailed neat paperwork and workstation, vivid detailed studio lighting, (best quality, 8k), physically-based rendering, (vivid colors:1.2), extreme detail description, professional, sharp focus, HDR, UHD, concept art, portraits
Prompt: A virtual assistant at work
Prompt: An image of a young Caucasian male programmer with short, brown hair, seated in a modern office setting. He is focused on a large monitor displaying code and the 'Quartup ERP' logo in the top corner. His desk environment includes sticky notes, programming books, and a small plant. The lighting is soft, emanating from a desk lamp. The programmer is wearing a casual t-shirt and headphones while typing on a mechanical keyboard
Prompt: Realistic illustration of a dedicated web designer, working on a sleek modern interface, professional workspace, realistic details, high quality, realism, detailed facial expressions, modern technology, focused expression, graphic design tools, elegant office setting, refined color palette, natural lighting, precise lines and textures, realistic style, professional attire, contemporary design, highres, ultra-detailed, man
Prompt: picture of someone coding a game with jumping
Prompt: web developer using macbook pro and listen music with coffee
Prompt: a man sitting and working on a computer I need it like a cartoon img
a cartoon man
Prompt: UX designer wearing headphines, working on some mockups, iMac computer, tablet, 42 inch tv, post its  on the wall, iPhone, office setting, natural lighting, professional